If you have to question whether or not he’s a f*ccboi then he’s probably a f*ccboi, babe.  Don’t let the Snapchat dog filter selfies and the carefully crafted texts fool you, he’s definitely not the one and you should run for the hills if he does/or is any of the following.  

He wants to Netflix & Chill but doesn’t have a Netflix account



He only texts you after 12am


His celebrity crush is Kylie Jenner


He goes on annual Euro trips with the boys 


He doesn't want you to be his girlfriend but he gets upset when you talk to other guys



His Snapchat score has more digits than your phone number


He uses Drake lyrics as Instagram captions


He wears loafers and a button up whenever he goes out


He never introduces you to his friends


All his friends are f*ckboys… GIRL, wyd? Run.   


He lies about everrrrrrything but forgets to keep his lies consistent. How did his battery die at the club at 10pm but he posted a Snapchat at 1:43am?



He has this haircut


 His favourite movie is The Hangover


He says things like “Beyoncé is overrated” and he “doesn’t get the hype”



He ghosts you for days then texts you ‘wyd?’ at 3am