No matter the date, there is always time to liven your old bedroom look and give it some extra charm. To get those creative juices flowing, here are some AMAZING AF bedroom designs that are absolutely BOMB!

WARNING! These images below will most likely induce the following -

- Jealous fits of rage
- Sad, ugly crying
- Increase levels of procrastination
- Decrease productivity levels at work
- More crying
- An intense desire to never leave your house

Pretty Pinks and Puffed Up Pieces


Throw in some soft pinks, silvers and some plush textiles. You'll have an interior space that would even make Queen Bee Regina George go green with envy!


The Secret Garden


For those with a green thumb! Make a secret garden of your own by lining the bookshelves and walls with blooming flowers and climbing vines! If you're not garden savvy, stick fake flowers on your wall. They're just as pretty and easier to handle!


Tonal Tunes


Keep it swish and keep it classy! Try mixing in softened palettes and textiles with contemporary architectural furniture pieces!


Light Em Up!


Do you know what gives any bedroom a facelift? Gossamer bed curtains with sparkling fairy lights!


The Boho Chic


Feed your wanderlust and infuse your most prized souveniers directly into your interior space.


Serene Eclectism = Good Vibes


You inner kleptomaniac is probably screaming right now! Sometimes a mix of everything is all you need to make your bedroom more "homey". Experiment with textiles, mix in unique patterns to create a more personal space.


Staycation 101


Your next adventure starts right within the comfort of your bedroom. Look behind you, and you'll see it on your wall!