Kanye once asked ‘Real friends, how many of us [have them]?’ and after keeping up with pop culture for what feels like forever and seeing the formation and eventual breakups of some of our fave celeb friendships, we’ve come to the conclusion that not many. The thing about celebrity friendship break ups is that there’s no quiet unfriending on Facebook, instead they’re always public and if the fall out is really ugly, you never hear the end of it (see: Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian-West). 


We’ve created a list of celebrity friendships that went from really lit to up in flames in 3.5 seconds. 



The one friendship that we thought would last forever... I guess it wasn't a sweet life after all :( 



 Pretty sure this photo is photoshopped because it’s hard to imagie these three ever being friends


IT girls before IT girls were even a thing! #trendsetters 




The OG party girls!!! Your faves could NEVER top what they got up to in their prime 

Funny how Taylor and Kim make the list more than once... *eye emoji*


There were always rumours that Blake and Leighton weren’t #squadgoals off-screen but confirmation of this still hurt…. At least we’ll always have Blair and Serena 


The modern day bromance!!! They can pretend they never really vibed with each other BUT the matching tattoos say differently