If you’re after a flawless full face that’ll make your ex cry every time and make you everyone’s #wcw then Leah Baines is your girl. This Sydney-based beauty has perfected the art of flawless makeup and since formal and homecoming season is right around the corner, we thought we’d chat to her about all things beauty and skin. Grab your notepad and a pen, babes, this info might just elevate your makeup game and have you looking next level lavish.



What does your beauty routine consist of?

I think my routine is kinda simple-ish....

I am obsessed with active serums and vitamin based skin care like Ultraceuticals, for me it's all about good skin. I use a light coverage M.A.C mineralize foundation for a dewy finish, I never use powders [because] it makes my skin look older and flat. I pop a little of the M.A.C "just a pinch" highlighted peach blush on the apples of my cheeks to add some colour to my skin. Then I apply "saddle" eyeshadow all over my eyelid and under my eye to give a light smokey eyed look [because] the terracotta colour of the shadow enhances the blue in my eyes. [I] always curl my lashes first before two coats of Diorshow mascara. [For] brows I fill in with M.A.C eyebrow pencil "lingering". Finishing off with a nude to peachy gloss or lippie whatever I have in my bag at the time like M.A.C "pure zen" or "love nectar". The only touch ups I do through the day is my I.T concealer in my bag for under my eye to freshen up. Then I'm ready to roll for the day. 


What beauty trend do you never want to see again?

Over contouring, the Instagram cut crease eye and heavy full coverage foundation - I truly believe less is more. 


What beauty trend from the past would you like to bring back?

Trends tend to do a 360, I'm patiently waiting for the lip gloss to make a comeback, I'm done with the matte lip kits, bring back the glossy fresh lip I say. 


Would you rather leave the house without doing your eyebrows or without foundation?

Mmm that's a hard one, as my brows need all the help they can get but I think foundation to give a more polished look.


Which celeb would you love to work with?

Oohh I have many...top 3 would be...Sofia Jamora, Emily Ratajkowski and Taylor Hill. All mega natural babes. 


What’s the best make up tip you've ever been given?

Years ago I was shown this awesome tip to always heat my eyelash curler with my hair dryer for a few seconds before curling - my god the difference is amazing! Give it a try.


What's the worst make up tip you've ever been given?

Recently someone suggested their trick of using a SPOON for eyeshadow shaping application, I died a little inside, haha.


What’s the newest thing you’ve added to your make up bag?

La Mer "the mist" hydrating spray, Hourglass lighting radiant bronzer and luminous lighting powder highlighter - these two mixed together on skin is ammmmazing! My fav purchase as of late. 


What’s your favourite make up look to create and why? If possible, can you provide a photo or two. 

My ultimate fav look to do is beautifully polished dewy bronzed skin, smokey eye with fluffy individual lashes teamed up with bold brushed up brows, nude lip finished with peachy highlighted cheeks and beach waved locks. 


What’s the most common make up mistake you see all over Instagram?

So many beautiful girls out there packing on way too much makeup, covering hiding and contouring features they do or don't have. Work with and enhance what your mumma already gave you. 


What's the next big makeup trend?

Skin! Achieving healthy radiant conditioned skin, No more strobing baking or contour. Woohoo, bring it on! 

Can you send us photos of some of your favourite looks that you've created for Hello Molly?


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