Would you ever throw on a bright red hat without thinking, will this clash with my green dress? The answer is (hopefully) no! So why would you not consider your hair colour? Here at Hello Molly HQ, we thought we'd investigate further and find out what hues best suit your hair colour. Not only will dressing for your hair colour COMPLETELY change the way your shop, but also how you FEEL about yourself. You can thank us later for saving your time, dollarydoos and breathe... 




Surprised?! Yep, us too! Most of our brondes - meaning blonde brunettes - think to stay within an arms length of earthy tones. However my friend, this isn't the case. Head for neutral terriorty when looking for your next Friday frock. Why you ask? These particular tones are known for bringing out the caramel highlights in your hair, creating the glowy complexion that MAC Cosmetics could only dream of. 



First of all, congrats on being graced with the dark locks that MANY of us have tried (and failed) to achieve. With very few being able to successfully pull off your natural look, you'll forever be envied. So what to do with your caviar curls you ask? Stay far, far away from pastels, light pinks and cream tones that'll wash you out with the morning tide. Embrace your look and opt for the bold jewel tones many of us wish we could rock. 


 We all know that dressing for our hair colour is SUPER imporant, but for our firey redheads - it's critical. With only 2% of the world's population being graced with red hair - you'll always need the outfit to match your luscious locks. So what colours best suit your statement strands? We suggest opting for a chocolate pallete. Whether that be dark chocolate, beige or even a blushed sand hue - jaws will drop!




Listen up ladies! Whilst you may be the unicorns of colour - meaning you can get away with MOST colours, the verdict says navy is your new best friend. Whilst navy and dark hues are usually every gal's fail-safe go-to colour, the contrast of your honey-toned hair with the deep blue hue is what really turns heads. Think black is the new navy? It isn't boo. Black can sometimes come across too harsh for our blonde babes, with navy providing a little more warmth to your look.



Well, well - look who just walked in the room..our sun-kissed brunette who can wear LITERALLY any colour. Yep, it's unfair for the rest of us, but you can rock pretty much any colour on the rack. We say take advantage of your gift and go hard or go home. Yellows, neons and burnt oranges are your forte - excuse us why we go be jealous in the corner...