His stunning smile complemented by those piercing blue eyes - We've been crushing on James Marsden since his early days on Ally Mcbeal! (Wow, don't we feel old!). Since the 90s, the actor has been charming us in rom-coms, made hearts swoon as a member of the X-men and sang like no tomorrow in a few musicals.

If you didn't love him already, you're certainly going fall for him after reading our top fave moments from the actor! 

Want To Fall In Love? Read Below!


1. Cried During The Notebook Premiere

Yes you read correctly. Actor, James Marsden legitimately cried during The Notebook premiere. We love a man who isn't afraid to show his emotions!


2. Belted His Heart Out As Corny Collins in Hairspray

He sings, he dances... Is there anything this guy can't do?

James Marsden admitted in interviews that he enjoyed his Corny Collins role so much that he didn't want to go home after shooting. Instead, he would stay behind to watch and support his fellow singing co-stars, just like you would in real life musical rehearsals. Awwww!!!


3. Made Mix Tapes For His Co-Stars

As he was shooting The Best Of Me, the actor wanted to help the cast get into the spirit of the 90s movie setting. Thus, he preceded to make individual mix tapes for all his co-stars to listen to in their down time. Girls, get a guy that creates a playlist just for you! 

“I started thinking about all of the kind of music I would listen to when I was in love with my first girlfriend and the songs that we shared … so I made these playlists,” (Marsden, Babble) 


4. The Sweetest Person To Interview

Although known for his God-like cheekbones and over saturated blue eyes, James Marsden comes across as a laidback and down-to-earth individual during interviews and press-releases.

He's the kind of guy who makes jokes, gets worried that he's hurt your feelings or said the wrong things (awww - you're doing great sweety!) and instantly connects with everyone around him, be it a journalist or a passerby. He'll also challenge you to a beer chugging contest if you're up for it! The guy seems like the person who just gives off good vibes!


5. Portrayed One Of The Leading Members In X-Men (Childhood!) 

True millennials will admit that their first pop-culture crush would have been Scott Summers/Cyclops from X-Men. There's something alluring about a mysterious man wearing sunglasses with great hair to boot. Hands up if you grew up watching the X-Men franchise? 


6. Looks Like AND Has The Charisma Of A Disney Prince 

If you ever wanted to find the personification of a real life Disney Prince, it would be James Marsden. His beautiful face, deep blue eyes and lucious dark hair! Utter perfection! If you're not convinced, just have a re-run of the Disney movie Enchanted with the girls. 

A side note: Did anyone else find it adorable when Prince Edward (Marsden) was fawning over modern marvels like 'magic marriors' and 'metal snakes' (buses) because we did! 


7. Made Us Cry In Nicholas Spark's Movie Adaptation, 'The Best Of Me' 


If you didn't leave the movie theatre balling your eyes out, then you have no soul! Without giving away too many spoilers, actor James Marsden beautifully portrays Dawson Cole, a handsome and withdrawn 39-year old mechanic in Nicholas Spark's tragic love story 'The Best Of Me'. After miraculously surviving an oil-rig explosion, his character contemplates whether he is destined to live a life with his child-hood sweetheart, Amanda (played by Michelle Monaghan). 

If you haven't warched this movie, do so! Because this movie will hit you right in the heart strings! 


8. Played In A Country Band

Here's another reason to fall head over heels with James Marsden. His country music roots go all the way back to his teenage years. According to the actor, he played and sang in a high school band called 'The South', jamming to tunes by Garth Brooks and other famed country singers.