Throughout the years, dress styles have come and gone. Nevertheless, the one style we can always count on to make us feel beautiful is the classic Fit-And-Flare. 

With their fitted bodices, cinched waists and flowing full circle skirts, these dresses continue to steal the hearts at every catwalk and trending runway. The fit-and-flare, however, isn't just a pretty daytime frock. 

This dress has cemented itself as the most versatile occasion piece in the history of womenswear!

Here's a brief run down! 

What does a fit-and-flare look like?

Like other popular dress trends- bodycon dress and off-the-shoulder,- i.e., the fit-and-flare has a distinct shape. This style is as follows: 

- based on balanced body proportions

- creates the perfect hourglass or A-Line silhouette

- includes a FITTED bodice, a CINCHED NATURAL WAIST and a FULL FLARE skirt

- dress ends at the knees


Did you know the fit-and-flare dress was a popular choice for housewives to showcase their ideal hourglass figure?

Today, the dress style remains a feminine cult favourite for women of all ages!!

Why is the fit-and-flare popular dress style?

Flattering for ALL

- A tailored silhouette means that this dress style flatters ALL body shapes, age groups and sizes!

- Its designed to sit at the natural waistline, giving the illusion of a slimmer and more streamline waist.

- Additionally, the full-bodied skirt  hides any problem areas around the thighs!

- Ladies with a straight figure love how the style exemplifies their natural curves while voluptuous women adore how a fit-and-flare's bodice, snatches their natural waistline.

- Girls on the petite size, love how the bodice elongates the torso and that the skirt hem falls at a practical knee length.

Easy to wear

- This dress is the eptiome of a one-style solution! 

Fit-and-flare dresses come in many different fabrications, prints, colours and lengths.

- Incrediby versatile design that can transition you from day to night.

The ICONIC styles you need in your wardrobe?

The Casual Knit


A stretchy knit fit-and-flare dress or playsuit, is perfect for days when you want to look chic but put zero effort into your look! It's the definition of THE THROW ON FROCK!!

When paired with your pumps and accessories, your look is an instant feminine masterpiece that puts the high-end runways to shame! With its combination of classic silhouettes and casual fabrics, it's the easiest option to dress up or down. 

Fancy Fancy!!



Ever ask yourself 'WHAT THE F**K AM I GOING TO WEAR?' The fancy fit-and-flare will be your ultimate go-to for galas, upscale cocktail party to your 21st Birthday celebration. 

Unlike a fitted bodycon dress, we guarantee a less amount of wardrobe malfunctions!! Grab a luxurious satin fit-and-flare trimmed with ruffles, turn to a brocade number for more formal events and find sheer chiffon dresses that cater to your daytime brunches. 

The Sundress


Nothing is more season appropriate than lightweight sundress Uniqueextures, softened tones, quirky dobby spots and subtle decking stripes are the perfect way to elevate a weekend edit, afternoon stroll and your fashion-forward shopping dates!

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