There’s something about bad celebrity outfits that gives us the worst case of second hand embarrassment. Imagine paying a stylist a ridiculous amount of money and having access to so many luxe brands and still ending up looking like you dressed in the dark. Tragic. We’ve compiled a list of 13 celebrity outfits so scary we’ll be cleansing our closets with sage and placing a fresh HM order so we’ll always look fly af.


The pose, the iconic 2000’s IT girl haircut and the mini shoulder bag. This is… a lot.


Christina, babe…. Wyd?


The opposite of squad goals tbh.


A knights of Camelot inspired look that we’d rather forget.


Issa no from us, Brit.


We’ve got so many questions and we’re not sure we can handle the answers.


No, no, no, no, no. Also, WHAT is up with the jeans? 


I’m not going to lie this is low-key a look… except the boots. The boots can go.


A true 2000’s moment. I’m pretty sure I can fit in these metallic LV bags.


Couch fabric realness courtesy of Kim K.


The 18th Century teacher boots are next level hideous.  


So glad the era of wearing dresses over jeans is over!


Okay this isn’t a bad outfit but still… yikes.