Summer lovin' happened so fast. Babes, if you're living in the Southern Hemisphere then you know it's almost time to farewell the season of the sun *cue the tears*. Nearing the end of Summer can only mean one thing, plans upon plans upon plans. Still not sure how you can give Summer the best send off? Get scrollin, gals!


1. Hit the beach


It's a no-brainer, really, but something all Sydney-siders tend to avoid doing. It's not like we don't love the beach because we do, we REALLY do, but the problem is that everyone else loves the beach too so going to the beach becomes an all day event and trying to find a parking spot at Bondi, Bronte or Balmoral is like trying to win a date with Zac Efron. It's not impossible but good luck to ya! Parking troubles aside, hitting up the beach is still our top priority. 


2. Brunch, brunch, brunch


We have a whole blog dedicated to our favourite pastime, brunch, so we won't spend too much on this point. What we will say is that nothing compares to wearing a sweet mini while sipping cocktails with your girl gang on the outdoor terrace of your favourite brunch spot. 


3. Enjoy the night life


Okay, this suggestion has caused a bit of a divide in the Hello Molly office. Danyel, our Stylist and Content Producer, thinks that partying in Winter is the best experience ever. I disagree. Partying in Summer is unparalleled and my reasoning is supported by facts. 

Fact: You don't have to bring a jacket or coat with you when you're partying it up in Summer and this means you don't have to pay to use the coat room which means you SAVE money!!

Also, everyone knows that Winter nights were made for staying indoors and catching up on all the Netflix shows you didn't watch because you were too busy living your best life during Summer. 


4. Embrace the great outdoors 


Summer's also a great time to reignite your love for the great outdoors. Take hikes, go rowing/kayaking/rock climbing, etc. and enjoy Mother Nature's beauty before shutting yourself indoors again for several months. If extreme sports aren't your thing then an outdoor yoga session will do.