Another day, another IT girl’s birthday! Hailey Baldwin isn’t just any IT girl, though. She’s part of Kendall and Gigi’s exclusive squad, had a fling with the Biebz (we've all seen THAT yacht pic!) and has a wardrobe we can only dream of. We’ve chosen some of our fave HB outfits and matched them up with some of our looks so the babes not ballin' like Baldwin can steal her style.




White's such an underrated party season colour and after seeing all these Insta-worthy 'fits we're left wondering WHY???

- Focus On Me Dress

- Come Away With Me Maxi Dress

- Arya Dress 


We've got to be real with you, babe... We weren't really vibin' pairing blush and gold until we realised Hails was a fan and then we had to re-evalutate some things.

- Minc Collections Droplet Earrings Gold

- DEAR EMILIA True Colours Maxi Dress Champagne



All black everything will never go out of style and nobody rocks it better than this babe. 


Where We Are Shorts 

Decode Dress