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This is how we feel about the last couple of months.

Can you believe we’ve passed the halfway point of the year? Where TF has the time gone? June alone has been the longest year of our month. Yep, you read that right. The longest year of our month. It feels like this month has been SO long because SO much has happened. A lot we loved (Jailey getting back together, green coming back and becoming THE colour to wear, the Queen’s birthday, etc.) and a few things we didn’t (Pariana? Arete? Gravidson? being a thing). 

We’re starting off with the negative (that’s really not so negative) so we can end this list on a high. NGL and not being shady, I didn’t know who Pete Davidson was until I heard the news that Ariana was dating someone from SNL a few weeks after breaking up with longtime love, Mac Miller - no judgement, just alleged facts. I googled Davidson and was getting used to the idea of Ariana being with someone who’s not Mac Miller when I heard rumours that Ariana and Davidson were engaged. ENGAGED. Betrothed. En route to tie the knot. Well spoken for. Involved. You get the picture. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are planning on getting married. It might not be this year, it might not be next year but the intent is still there. Look, the only reason I’m eyeing this engagement wearily is because they apparently haven’t been together long, they’re both quite young and let’s face it, quick Hollywood engagements/marriages don’t seem to last long (re: Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom, KK and Kris Humphries, and other non-Kardashian related stars). THAT being said, I don’t know them and I’m not a fortune teller so I don’t know what’ll happen but I wish them (mainly her) all the happiness and I'll buying Sweetener when it drops. 


International Best Friend Day was this month! 

There aren’t enough days to properly celebrate the beauty of friendship, especially the power of female friendship but at least we’ve got a day for it. We’ve already made a super sappy blog post about the importance of having a squad (you can read here) but we just want to shout out all the besties out there... again! Here’s a special mention to Sydney babes Jessie Khoo - seen here in our Try It Out Set and Hiding Something Crop Knit - and her bestie Tori Levett - seen here in our Day In The Life Dress.

The Carters - No, not Beyoncé or Jay Z - THE CARTERS dropped a 9 track album called Everything Is Love and I can't even deal. It’s like all the reconciliation songs from Lemonade mixed with the idgaf attitude Bey channels on 7/11 and Bow Down. I still haven’t forgiven Jay Z for cheating on Beyoncé and no shade but I skipped a few of his verses because I'd rather listen to her but this is album is a step in the right direction. 



JAILEY ARE BACK TOGETHER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!! JAILEY!!!! ARE!!!! BACK!!!! TOGETHER!!!!! Calabasas’ hottest teen couple just got back together and instead of celebrating their love I want to take this moment to be a little petty and shout out the Jelena fans who thought I was being ridiculous when I predicted a Jailey comeback in 2018 and roasted me relentlessly for being “delusional”. How does it feel being wrong????? 


Perth-based mega babe @graciepiscopo stopped by Sydney and took over our story! She showed us a few of her favourite styles and reminded us how beautiful Sydney is, even in the cold. Sometimes it takes someone else appreciating the beauty in something to remind you how beautiful something truly is. 


 The Queen’s birthday!!! We love what we do but we'll also never turn down a public holiday. Ever. We're not major monarchists but we do love a royal wedding and the Queen's birthday aka one of our favourite public holidays and the best excuse to sleep in or book a spa day. We're already making plans for the next one. 

We’ve gone green! There are so many green hues popping up on our site and we’re living for it. Last month ‘red’ was the colour to cop but now we’re moving to something more subtle but equally as cute. You’ve probably seen an influx of forest green, sage and pistachio coloured dresses and you babes have been loving them so we have a feeling you’ll be seeing more. Watch this space!