I’ve got some wild thoughts about this one. 



Francoise has gone but nobody really cares?


Dom and Milie’s romance came to an abrupt end so Teddy and Millie decided to form an alliance and Dom and Mac decided they better shape up or be prepared to ship out. Teddy ended up going home anyway but more on that later. 


Erin and Eden got pretty serious and started talking about making things Facebook official, adopting kittens and making it Facebook official so all the “uggos” can stay away from Erin’s man. Eden even said those three words every girl wants to hear - no, not “it’s on sale” but “I luv ya”. Eden even surprised Erin with what is possibly the most romantic declaration of love in Love Island history.


Dom and Jaxon got into it and yeah…. A bit awks. Edin and Jaxon also got into it as well because he was saying one thing to Shelby and one thing to the boys and Edin wasn’t having it. 


Josh and Amelia are still going strong and they were even chosen by the Australian public to go to the Hideaway.

 The girls were treated to a spa day and were told that two new boys would enter the house but they had to evict one of the boys. After much debate they decided to give Jaxon the boot. Jaxon may not have left with a girlfriend but he did leave with a bromance with Teddy and we won’t be surprised if they link up IRL. Don’t be too upset though, you can still catch Jaxon on your screen during Sons of Anarchy. 


NOW, who are the newest boys to enter the villa?

Kory. Yes, Cory with a ‘K’. I know, it frustrates me too. Kory’s 28 which makes him the second oldest (don’t quote me on it) in the villa and he’s from good old Melbz. He’s into someone who’s “naturally pretty” and he’s not into the “fillers and the fake lips” blah blah blah okay let’s get to Mark. Mark’s a 26-year-old model from Sydney with a Criminology Degree and he’s en route to get a Law Degree (so like a male version of Gigi Hadid). I’d like to thank the Love Island producers + Sophie Monk for quenching my male model thirst. 


Erin mentioned having a boyfriend more time than I can count. We get it, he’s your man. You guys were acting like you were dating anyway so nothing’s really changed. 


There was a little teaser that Grant and Tayla were going to announce something major and we tuned in only to be disappointed when the announcement was that they’re #official. They may be in the honeymoon phase in the villa but there are rumours that Mr Crapp and Eden have secret girlfriends back in ‘Straya???? I wouldn’t put it past Grant because I don’t trust him after the whole Cassidy-Tayla situation but Eden? Say it ain’t so 



FYI Babes, this will be my last Love Island AU review for the season. It’s not because I’ve grown tired of Grant’s Crapp or watching Erin and Eden swap spit but I’ve been called to the sunny streets of Paris (I know, shameless brag but let me have it) but fear not, our Customer Service sweethearts Bella and Maria will be holding down the fort. They’re funnier than me and their recaps are guaranteed to be better so stay tuned for their first post next week.