MBFWA just graced us and as much as we loved all the shows and trust us, we did, it was the outfits in the front row and out in the courtyard that caught our eye and had us talking. What was trending this fashion week? We saw plenty of citrus tones, bold colours and embellished details on the runway and we also saw some trends we’ve been obsessing over for the longest: stripes, neutrals and plaid.  

- Swim collections featured a diverse range of bodies and we couldn’t be happier!
- Kiwi angel Georgia Fowler stole the show at Camilla and Marc
- It’s confirmed that tote bags are officially #IN (in case you were still wondering)
- Early 2000s sheer ruffles were on most, if not all, runways which means you’re bound to see them everywhere in 2 months
- Everyone’s talking textures: feathers, sequins, glitter, woven patterns, etc.

So if you’ve been on the ‘gram or on our site in the last 6 months you’ll already know stripes are the ‘in’ print atm but you can’t blame us. Vertical stripes are very flattering because they make you look leaner and are easy to wear around the clock.

We know we have babes in every hemisphere and as it gets hotter in one, it’s cooling down in another. We totally get that and we’re so glad neutrals are trending because they’re perfect for transitioning into different seasons.

Plaid is always a good idea. That's how the quote goes, right? This old school favourite is back on the radars of all our favourite IG 'It' girls and we've got a few plaid pieces hitting our shelves to give you your fashion fix.