There's something about @jamienkidd. She's babin', bubbly and boy does she know how to take an Insta-worthy picture (SRSLY, her whole feed is goals). We managed to catch up with her on her recent trip down under and she answered a few questions that we've been dying to ask her. She also taught us how to style some of her Hello Molly favourites.

1. How do you take such amazing photos? 
I just love finding fun backdrops and of course it's always easiest with my fiance' behind the lease!
2. How did you become a travel blogger? 
I just started slowly planning little trips and then gradually started traveling to further and more amazing places
3. Take us through a normal day for you.
I'd like to think I don't really have any normal routine, everyday as a blogger/model is completely different!
4. Describe your style in 5 words or less.
Inspired by the seasons & surroundings
5. What's your favourite movie? 
My favorite movie is of course The Notebook
6. Would you rather leave your house without your eyebrows done or without foundation?
7. Are you a city or country girl? 
I grew up in the country and always feel at home there, but love spending day trips in the city
8. What's your favourite Hello Molly item?
I always love Help Molly's Floral rompers!
9. If you could host a dinner with five celebrities, dead or alive, who would you invite and what would you make them?
I would invite Miley Cyrus, Coco Chanel, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Degeneres, I would honestly just get pizza because who doesn't love pizza?!?
10. Whose album are you listening to on repeat?
I listen to different types of songs depending on what I'm doing that day, whether I need to get pumped up or chill out!