We're all guilty for taking our beloved mums for granted. Sometimes it's not about the fancy gifts. It's the little deeds and the loving gestures that mean a lot to the strong and gorgeous women who raised us to be who we are today!

So, keep that hard earned cash in your pocket and shower your mum with love, old-style - with lovey-dovey messages!

To the Hello Molly Mums, here are our heartfelt messages from us - 


What’s your mum’s talent:
My mum is full of wisdom and kindness and in my eyes, this is a talent. She is always thriving to help those in need and demonstrates this daily in her line of work as a teachers aid.

Why you think your mum’s amazing:
My mum would go above and beyond for someone if it meant she could change their outlook on life and find a purpose to living. As a women who has faced depression all throughout her life, she has been strong enough to come out the other side and share her experience in the hope it can benefit others dealing with a similar situation. I admire her courageousness and caring nature.

A life lesson your mum’s taught you:
There’s endless lessons my mum teaches me everyday. The one thing that stands out the most is being grateful for the smallest things around us and not to take anything for granted.


What’s your mum’s talent:
Fantastic eye for fashion and detail. Tasks that take me all day to complete, she’ll take a few hours. 

Why you think your mum’s amazing:
My mum is the very definition of a hard worker. She left school at 15 and started working shy of age 16 and takes no BS from anyone! Mum has a tough charismatic exterior, but she’s also a big softie on the inside. She knows just what to say when you’re feeling down.  

A life lesson your mum’s taught you:
We all bleed the same colour. Don’t let your ethnicity define you. (I’m adopted)


What’s your mum’s talent:
My mum has many talents, but a fun fact is that in the 80s she was a real rock star! She was a lead singer in a rock band.  People had posters of her plastered on their walls ;) So singing is definitely one of her talents. She also makes the best apricot cheesecake on Earth! :)

Why do you think you mum's amazing: 
Because no matter how busy she is, she would always magically find time for others. She always puts her family first and always ready to help. As a young girl I thought it was normal and I took it for granted. However now I understand how amazing she is and how incredibly lucky I am. Thank you for everything, Mum! 

A life lesson your mum's taught you:
To be honest and to believe in myself




What's your mum's talent: 
Cooking amazing Vietnamese food!

Why you think your mum’s amazing: 
My mum has lived through a lot of hardships in her life, as a young immigrant moving to Australia with no family or friends she built a life for herself that I really respect. She’s worked hard every single day of her life to support her 4 children and her family back in Vietnam. To me she’s everything I’d want to teach my children. Hardworking, respectful, resilient and kind.  

A life lesson your mum’s taught you:

Never compare yourself to anyone, you’re on your own journey.  

What is your mum's talent?
She gets results. She's so strong and smart, and just so good at being a grown up. I'm nearly 30 and still go to my mommy whenever I feel slightly inconvenienced by anything. #noshame
Why you think your mum's amazing:
My mama is the perfect example of the American dream. She arrived in the USA with nothing except a little monkey on her back (me). Then with a little study and a lot of hard work she became a top performing tech exec in the most competitive digital market -- Silicon Valley. I get a real complex thinking I may never be as successful as my mommy but I am so incredibly proud of her and nothing makes me happier than hearing her say she's proud of me, too.
A life lesson your mum has taught you:
Work hard and the rewards will be plentiful.

What’s your mum’s talent:

Getting wine stains out of my clothes (am I allowed to say that?) 

Why you think your mum’s amazing: 
My mum is always always there to give me advice if I'm feeling overwhelmed by anything. She also spoils my dog when I’m at work & sends me photos all day!

A life lesson your mum’s taught you:
To see the best in every situation.

 Jasmin. F 

What’s your mum’s talent:
She makes a mean golden syrup dumplings! But also is a chameleon! She is low key secretly talented at everything and is Words With Friends genius!
Why you think your mum’s amazing:
She has worked her whole life as a teacher, meaning her career goals and aspirations were never selfish, but to help guide, mentor and lead the next generations! Growing up I was always jealous of the kids that got to have my mum as a teacher as she taught at a different school to where I was educated, but it made me realise that I was the luckiest to have her as a mum and got to keep her year after year! haha! Also she is amazing because she provided me with everything I needed but allowed me to be independent.
A life lesson your mum’s taught you:
To be humble. My mum and dad grew up in smaller towns and spent their adult years in close knit communities in the country, so mum always taught me to be kind, achieve my goals but never brag.