Mother’s Day weekend can only mean one thing… showering our mums with all the love and affection they deserve every day! Mum’s put up with a lot from changing diapers, dealing with you during your angsty teen years and having to guide you as you make grown up decisions. We want to salute all the mamas this Mother’s Day. There are so many types of mamas out there and we couldn’t possibly list them all but here are some mums we want to shout out. Here’s to the single mamas, the working mamas, the young mamas, the old mamas, the cool mamas, the sleep deprived mamas, the squad mamas and all the people fulfil the role of ‘mum’ to others. We see you and appreciate you!

Now, to our mums….


What's the best thing your mum has taught you?

"The best thing my mum taught me was to go with the decision that would make the happiest. I was (still am?) a very indecisive child to the point where making a decision would give me lots of anxiety, it could have been anything from what I really wanted for lunch or if I should move out of home. My mum always encouraged me to do what would make me the happiest, even if it meant it was a little hard for her sometimes. And that in return taught me to be really selfless with people I love and encourage them to follow their heart." - Anya


“It’s hard to decide what the best thing my mum taught me is and as I’ve grown older I’ve started to realise and appreciate that all the lessons she taught me growing up were right and valuable. I’m grateful to have learned from her how to be a strong and independent individual. She also taught me to be open minded, compassionate and accepting of others, which I think are important qualities to have. I think the best things she taught me were the lessons I simply learned from observing her actions.” - Sophie, Digital Marketing Assistant


“The best thing she’s ever taught me is to believe is in myself. I went through a phase at university where I was second guessing my degree but she reminded me how important it is to trust myself and that making bad decisions is a part of life. I still make bad decisions (spending $95 on ~organic~ miso soup? Not wise) but I don’t beat myself up about it and I’ve learnt to navigate the decisions I’ve made without regret or anxiety.” - Tariro, Digital Copywriter

"The best thing I learned from my mum is that she would always be there for me. I can rely on her for absolutely anything and I know that if I ever need her, she'd be there in a second. All my life, that's given me the confidence to follow my dreams and try new things without fear of failure because even if something went belly-up, I'd always have my mummy and a loving home to go back to."

"I hope my Emilia and I to have the same sort of closeness that I have with my mum as she grows. I want her to know it's okay to make mistakes as long as she learns from them. I hope she's confident and outspoken, never scared to voice her opinions. At only 11 months old she's definitely got a lot of attitude already so I think we're headed in the right direction :)- Ena, Operations Manager


"The best thing my mum taught me was to always make sure that I was always happy with where I was in my life, and to always look forward." Leah, Customer Service Representative


"My mum is my biggest role model and now that she’s getting older (but as they say, wiser) she’s always encouraging me to make the most of life while I’m young! Why put things off, when you can go out and do things now! Travel, make investments and don’t be afraid to fail... There will always be other opportunities if one doesn’t work out! She also taught me to make sure I always put fabric softener in the wash load." - Maria, Customer Service Supervisor

"The greatest thing my mum has ever taught me is that I must love myself first before I can love another. She taught me that being able to accept myself (flaws and all) and to be comfortable with myself will allow me to make my own happiness a priority before being able to share it with someone else. These words stuck with me for a long time and helped me break out of my comfort zone, explore my dreams and to remain determined in everything I’ve wanted to achieve. As a result of this, my relationships with others were also more likely to flourish than hold me back." - Jasmine, Publicity and Events Coordinator 

“The best thing my mum has ever taught me is to always dress well because you never know who you’ll meet. It sounds a bit odd but she’s a firm believer in dressing with intention and that’s one thing I’ve really taken on as I’ve grown older. No matter where I go or what I’m doing, I always dress how I want to dress and I don’t let what other people perceptions influence how I want to present myself. If my sequin gown is “too extravagant” for bowling then people need to re-assess their perceptions of bowling appropriate clothing.” - Danyel, Stylist and Content Producer