We're always looking for an excuse to break open the champagne and order a fancy-shmancy cheese platter so we were beyond excited when we found out that today's National Girl Friends Day! It's a day to celebrate the girls in your squad, your day ones, your babes, your girls, your soul sisters, etc. and should definitely not be confused with National Best Friend Day. All squads have similar members but not all squads are created equal. We've compiled a list of all the types of girls you can find in a squad + where you should be going to celebrate. 


The FBI agent


 She can find anything and everything, all she needs is a first name, a location, four minutes and BAM! She just found out that the guy you've been talking to on Tinder has three brothers, a dog named Steven and went on a lad's trip to Barcelona in 2007 and they got ugly matching tattoos. How does she do it? She doesn't even know. It comes naturally. 

Where you should go: Hacienda Bar Sydney.

The wine mum


She knows which bars have the cheapest hour, downs bevys like she's Usain Bolt after a 400M sprint and you can always count on her to bring a bottle of something special to a celebration. She's always keen for a OTT night out but don't be fooled, the wine mum definitely loves a night in with a bottle of pinot noir and a tacky reality TV show. 

Where you should go: Bar Bisou, Paris


The Uber driver


The uber driver varies from squad to squad but they're usually the person who's had their licence for the longest time OR they've just got their licence and they're keen to get on the road so they volunteer to drive you to uni, your bae's or to the club. The Uber driver is a 10/10 friend that will pick you up on a night out, will alway waits until you've gone inside before they drive off and they never ask for petrol money $$$.  

Where you should go: Eleven Rooftop Bar, Brisbane

The low-key make up artist

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She's been watching make up videos since the days of Michelle Phan and although she doesn't wear make up 24/7, her skills are on par with the best make up consultants on the David Jones CBD cosmetic floor. She's the one you go to for all your highlighter, foundation and skincare recommendations. 


Where you should go: Sketch, London

The therapist


 She's not qualified but she listens and gives 4.8/5 advice, even if you ignore it 98% of the time. She's the first one you call when sh*t starts going downhill and she's always there to lend a hand whenever you need it. 

Where you should go: No drinks for this babe, she'll tell you to drink your 2L of h2O and get your nine hours.