There are plenty ways to take a selfie. There’s the classic front camera selfie, the mirror selfie or kinda-awkward-but-not-as-cool-as-you-think selfie stick selfie. There are a few selfies that’ve had us SHOOK over the years and we thought what better day to highlight them than National Selfie Day.


Probably the most famous selfie ever. Someone needs to put this one in the MoMa

Rih listening to ANTI on headphones that cost more than my house

*insert a thousand heart-eye emojis*

Nothing beats a presidential selfie

I lied. This Kylie selfie with a fraction of Stormi's face beats any presidential selfie


Met Gala selfies will always be one of our favourite things!!!

Ok who looks this good moments after giving birth to a little human being???? Someone leak her skincare routine (and Cristiano's too)

No one takes selfies like Kenny

Nothing says "commitment to a selfie" like a floor selfie