New Year’s Resolutions


It’s easy to get into the "new year, new me" hype but without sounding too cliché, the start of a new year is always a bit magical. Everyone knows we love all things new and there’s nothing better than a fresh start. We don’t know what 2018 has in store for us but we know what we’ll be doing to make sure this year is our best one yet! We’ve asked a few people here at Hello Molly HQ how they’re planning on living their best lives this year and here are some of their resolutions.



“Travel more! I want to go to Europe and the North Pole” – Emily, Social Media Intern


“I want to be nicer to Danyel (our Social Media Assistant and the subject of many office memes), listen to more Justin Bieber and learn how to type faster” – Guang, IT crew


“My new year's resolution is to bring my lunch to work more often” – Anya, Creative Manager and Uber Eats Enthusiast

“Learn to speak French and teach my dog new tricks” – Danyel, Social Media Assistant


"My new year's resolutions are to move out, get a dog, eat before going out and aim not to be drunk by 7pm (hehe), go to more festivals/concerts and do more outdoor activities" - Bella, Customer Service 


“My new year’s resolutions are to read more books and listen to more podcasts, be more pro-active, try and get fit (haha) and spend more time outdoors” – Maria, Customer Service 


“I’m going to try to stop Snapchatting Danyel, go on a lot more adventures, live life more, learn how to become the best I can be and know my worth” – Meshelle, Graphic Designer


“My main new year’s resolution is to actually stick to my new year’s resolutions this year! For 2018 I want to brush up on some language skills and learn French to accompany all of my cheese and wine indulging, make sure I wear everything in my wardrobe so none of my clothes go to waste and feel unloved, focus more energy on doing things that make me happy and stop stressing the small stuff! I recently relocated to a new city so my final new year’s resolution is to make nice friends with happy people who have a pool I can spend the hot Sydney Summer in! Here’s to 2018!” – Jasmin, Brand Creative Manager


“I want to start eating better! I know I say this every year but I really, really mean it this time. I’m throwing away (not literally) my endless supply of vegan nuggets and I’m going to start cooking "proper" food. I also want to brush up on my Italian and to start attending art classes (Picasso who?).” – Tariro, Digital Copywriter


“My new year’s resolutions are to be more content and happy, learn how to be better than my boyfriend at reverse parking and spend more time outdoors” – Leah, Customer Service 

"I want to explore more parts of Japan, build a better styled wardrobe and be more creative" - Nikki, Graphic Designer 

We don't know how successful we'll be so watch this space, babes!