Lights, camera, action as we head into another red carpet season, with no other than the Oscars kick starting the festivities. With popular opinion being this year's red carpet is the best yet when it comes to #farshun, we couldn't help ourselves than to show you our best on ground - and of course how to get the look for less!


I would give her my first born child, Kate Bosworth you can do no wrong.

Gemma Chan could wear a garbage bag and I would still want it. Love the colour but need a little more shape, look to your right...

Kristin Cavallari looking chic since '04.

Jennifer Hudson continues to ruffle our hearts.

Kendall Jenner has her Angelina Jolie moment in this legs eleven piece. WANT.

Gemma Chan strikes again and this has our name written all over it.

Could Em Ratajkowski beeee anymore beautiful? The limit does not exist. 

One word: LEGS

Incase you've been hidden under a rock this week, our gal Ciara was seen wearing yours truly at the Oscars Pre Party. Let's just say she continued to look like the 10/10 she is at the big event too.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley aka real life Barbie, looking like the usual perfection in every possible way.

Ashley Graham is the real deal hourglass.

It's hard to wear white on the red carpet and not look like a bride, Regina King has mastered the look and we love her for it.


*Images are not our own and were sourced from Google*