We love a celebrity couple, especially a couple as hilarious and down to Earth as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, AKA Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds, AKA Deadpool and Serena van der Woodsen!!!

Here's our top moments between the two that prove Blake and Ryan are literal couple goals!

The Dawn Of Time

2011, the year where It All Began! TBH, their relationship was the only wholesome thing that came out of the superhero film!


Ridiculous Tweet Bants

You know what's even more adorable than a celebrity couple? Two well-educated individuals who can match each other's wits and throw shade at each other on social media.



Best Dad in the World!!!

He's going to be a complete riot at James's parent-teacher interviews!






Adorable hubby/wife shout-outs!

Who can forget Blake Lively's shout-out to the most influential man in her life? Awwwww!!!! 



Seriously, are they ALWAYS this dapper on the red-carpet?

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's jaw-dropping moments at the Met Gala 2016! 



Literal Family Goals!

Anyone just look at their family and wish they had that? Not an unhappy tear in sight!



The Lovey Dovey Looks They Give Each Other!

These two are just too cute! We're sooooo jealous! Seriously, every red-carpet moment is the two of them having eyes for each other.