Who slays more than Bey? Nobody. 


Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is the reason why Destiny’s Child wasn’t called Destiny’s Children (no shade, Kelly and Michelle… and the others). Unlike some of your faves, nobody can come for Queen Bey or ever question her talent. She has more awards than we can remember, can move better than MJ in his prime and let’s not even get started on her voice. She’s not only a performer, she’s the big sister we’ve always wanted and what better way to celebrate her 36th birthday than to highlight some of the things she’s taught us over the years. 


“Okay ladies now let’s get in formation”

Firstly, where were you when Formation dropped? Like many members of the Beyhive, I get notifications whenever Beyoncé does anything so I first heard the song when I was at work and I was SHOOK. I felt like Queen Bey was talking directly to me and I had to question if I was in formation. I wasn’t, but I was going to be. So, what does “getting in formation” actually mean? For us at Hello Molly HQ it means that our eyebrows are always on fleek (no wavy brows for us, thanks), our highlighter is always poppin’ and our outfits are always on point. Whenever we have bad days – like when our girls cancel plans last minute or the boy we matched on Tinder hasn’t replied to our texts - we’re reminded of Bey’s words of wisdom and remember that we’re THAT girl and THAT girl is always in formation. 


Be extra. All. The. Time. 

Part of the reason we love Queen Bey so much is because she doesn’t do anything in halves. She goes big or she doesn’t do anything at all and as fans of everything extra - extra glitter, extra pink and extra fries - we appreciate that. The most extra thing Bey has done as of late was announcing her pregnancy with a Birth Of Venus inspired pregnancy shoot. That post alone sparked something inside us and has us wanting to be as extra on Instagram as possible because why not? If Queen Bey does it then so can we. 


Hard work pays off.

She's not Queen for nothing. We could mention all her awards and accomplishments but nothing sums up Bey’s work ethic more than this lyric:

"I dream hard, I work hard, I grind ‘til I own it"

I personally have this written on my desk (along with a photo of Bey herself) to keep me motivated. Dream big, work hard and don’t stop until it pays off. Get your hustle on, girl! 


Ignore the haters.

The most important person in the world is bound to have haters and do you know how Bey handles the non-BEYlievers? She doesn’t do anything. She’s too busy selling out arenas all over the world and stopping the world to care. What Bey’s taught us is that you should “always stay gracious” and the “best revenge is your paper”. So, when you get a shady tweet or someone indirects you on Insta, brush it off and keep doing you, boo.


Exit Dress and No Lies Dress

All The Shine Dress and Romeo And Juliet Dress