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I’m nervous about telling my bf that I love him. We’ve been dating for 4 months and I’m not too sure if it’s too soon or not. I’ve never said it to a guy before so I’m incredibly anxious about finally saying it and keep putting it off – Xoxo Hopeless, afraid and in love


Ooooh girl, we’ve all been there.

Telling someone you’re in a relationship with that you love them is a pretty big deal, so I can totes understand why you’re so nervous, but you’ve got to shake the nerves off and say it. IMO, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for four months or two years, when you know you know. While I definitely think you should say it, you should be prepared for his response. He could say it back (the ideal response!!!) but he might not, and you shouldn’t take it to heart if he doesn’t. He might not be at that stage yet and that’s okay, or he might feel it but might not be ready to verbalise it just yet. It’s super important to remember that you’re saying it to share how you feel, not because you’re expecting him to say it back. Good luck and keep us posted, lovely!



I am in my sophomore year of college and I am having trouble opening up (getting out of my shell) and making “forever friends”. I’ve made friends but just for class, or we’ll be at a buddy level BUT I’m trying to find my match for bffs. The type of friends I call up for stupid things like outfit help, boredom and just do spontaneous things with. The type of friends I can call on the phone/FaceTime for fun. I NEED a support group of besties like that. That after a week of not seeing each other we hug and find adventures to go on. Aside from my strictly “school friends” I have my old High School friends and tbh I am trying to diverge from that and find a new vibe, lifestyle because that group doesn’t excite me all that much. I still hang out with them once in a while but it’s not spontaneous, adventurous or fun.

Babe, there’s a lot to unpack here. There’s no simple answer and no quick fix to making “forever friends”. I think you shouldn’t limit the friends you’re making in class to “school friends”. Invite them to do things outside of school (i.e. shopping, concerts, brunch, etc.) and see if your friendship develops from there. It’s all about putting yourself out there! You won’t become “forever friends” with everyone but you’ll meet lots of people who share your interests and that can lead to you connecting with the besties you’re after.

I’m a little curious about your High School friends. Have you spoken to them about how you’re feeling? Have you tried to initiate more frequent and spontaneous hang outs? Maybe they feel the same way but are stuck in the routine of meeting once a month and sticking to the usual activities you normally get up to.

There are also apps like Bumble that can be a great way of connecting with people! Not to go all parental on you but with any app that involves communicating with strangers, you’ve got to be discerning and careful with who you chat to. That being said, I know so many people who’ve met forever friends using apps so that’s totes an option for ya.

Having a good group of gals or guys is soooooo important and we wish you all the best in your search for a squad.   



I met my boyfriend last year during my freshman year because we were student athletes on the swim and dive team at my college and we just had our year and a half anniversary. He is from WI and I’m from NC and we go to school in NC. Well he quit his team this year and is transferring to a school in MN next year. We want to stay together because we want forever with each other but what if it doesn’t work because he lives in WI and goes to school in MN and I’m in NC? I want it to because I love him! What do I do?


Ok, just to clarify:

NC = North Carolina

WI = Wisconsin

MN = Minnesota


Firstly, congratulations on celebrating your 1.5-year anniversary. Now, to your question. Communication is key here, especially if you’re going to be dating long distance. Did he talk to you before quitting his team? Has he explained why he wants to transfer to a school in MN next year? If he has and he’s set on moving you’ve got to accept it babe and talk about how you’ll stay together. Long distance relationships can and do work but you’ve got to make time for each other, communicate and be open with each other and above all, trust each other completely. It’ll be difficult, but you can make it work.


WWYD if you found out your boyfriend doesn’t like Beyoncé?

I’d normally say dump him because he clearly doesn’t appreciate talent… but since my boyfriend doesn’t like Beyoncé I urge you to be the bigger person and let it go. Not everyone has taste and that’s okay.


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