Valley Of The Dolls

Swing and sashay into fashion’s love affair with nostalgia, in the eye-catching looks that are pulled straight from a sepia-toned polaroid.

Hello Molly’s latest collection dubbed ‘Valley Of The Dolls’  was made for the bold and flamboyant honey who has a love of subtle frills and exaggerated bows.

Inspired by the style of a 1970’s Californian cool girl and youthful heartbreak, she is not only vibrant, but spontaneous in her own right.

With pieces exuding psychedelic florals and retro ruches, the 'Valley Of The Dolls’  collection is a little bit sweet, a little bit sassy and a whole lotta L.I.T.
Because remember, it's not a trend, it’s a vibe.



Because we LOVE this campaign sooo much, we thought we'd share a little behind 

the scenes love