Who else could use a vacay? It's not even March yet but we feel like a getaway is long overdue. As much as we want to, we can't pack up our bags and book a one way ticket to some sun-drenched destination with limited cell signal (who wants to take work calls on holiday?) and an endless amount of booze. Pixie and Jesse can, though. Our favourite photographer couple took a trip to Tulum, Mexico and decided to share their experience with us! They also answered some super important questions for those who've been bitten by the travel bug. 
What’s your in-flight beauty routine? 
- Nothing freshens up post flight cheeks better then my Kora Rose Hip oil.
What are your packing tips?
- Pack light, pack smart and don’t leave out your power plug adapter. 
What are your tips for traveling with your partner?
- Compromise and always plan ahead, but most importantly enjoy your time together.
What are some items on your carry-on checklist?
- Noise cancelling earphones, Criminal podcasts, Uno and a big pillow. 
What’s your go-to flight ’fit?
- Comfy pants and my favourite Hello Molly Odom Red Jacket
What made you want to go to Mexico?
- We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot over in Isla Mujeres in Cancun so that what sent us to Mexico. 
Can you both describe your time in Mexico in three words.
- Lots of Tequila 
What are some misconceptions you had about Mexico?
- It can actually get quite cold - be sure to pack a jumper and jeans for the night time. 
What was the best thing about the entire trip?
- Staying at the Papaya Playa Project in Tulum.
Now that you’ve been to Mexico, what are some other places you’d love to visit next? 
- Next up - Morocco, Seychelles and back to the Bahamas.
What advice do you have for taking Insta-worthy vacay pictures?
-The only time to shoot is early mornings and late afternoons so plan your shoot times carefully. 
How would you describe your holiday style?
-I tend to wear a lot more cooler clothes while i’m away - anything red and floral. 
What are some of your top Hello Molly outfit picks for Mexico?
- My go to Hello Molly pieces for Mexico include the Greenwich Dress, The Home in New York Dress and the You Already Know Jumpsuit for Taco Dinner Dates.