Sweater weather season is back again at full-force. Do you know what that means? Time to hang up your floral-printed sundresses, fold away your collection of tees and update your cosy knitwear, and we're not talking about that patterned knit sweater your gran made you three Christmas's ago. 

Here's a brief run-down of the types of cosy knits you'll need for a well-rounded sweater-weather rotation. 


Fishermen's stitch

Another timeless stitch that adorns the majority of our favourite fitted and oversized knit essentials. The fishermen's knit distinguishes itself with its 'ribbed' finish and features a distinctive 'purl', 'knit', 'purl', 'knit' finish that's super stretchy and comfortable. A fishermen-style knit jumper is that trusty essential that never lets you down. 


Stockinette stitch


The stockinette stitch cements itself as the knitting stitch for the glamorous. This stitch lays flush across the body and often featured in figure-hugging pieces from your covetable bodycon jersey dresses, fitted knee-length skirts, classic pullovers to off-the-shoulder knitted evening tops. Its seamless finish exudes a smooth and pristine finish compared to your classic rib knits and lace stitches. 


Basketweave stitch

The basketweave stitch is notable for its identifiable intercrossing or basket-woven pattern throughout the garment. Although woven fibres often denote more summery attire, the basketweave in knitwear is a great textural stitch that carries the timeless and beloved summer-styling essential into your winter wardrobe and beyond. 


Diamond Honeycomb stitch

If you're after something with structure, then nothing screams cosy winter-vibes around a campfire than the Diamond Honeycomb stitch. This unique stitch's textured and iconic diamond-look finish can lend a multi-dimensional element to a plain off-duty edit, especially your favourite set of skinny jeans and lifestyle sneakers. 

Update your autumnal rotation today and browse Hello Molly's selection of knitwear today.