6 Most Empowering Female Characters

6 Most Empowering Female Characters

6 Most Empowering Female Characters

Profiles Of These Amazing 6 Women


Name: Mazikeen (Maze)

Origins: DC Comics, demon from Hell, popularised by TV Show 'Lucifer' 

Yes, a demon (we’re not species-est in this place), shows us how badass a woman can be! With her killer moves, even cooler outfits (LOOK AT ALL OF THAT LEATHER) and her no shame attitude towards her sexuality. She DEFS is a role model for girls everywhere - be yourself and adios to anyone else. 


 Name: Grace Hanson

Origins: TV Show, Grace & Frankie

A woman who truly knows how to stand on her two feet, we all need a role model who is fiercely independent. She breaks every stigma and stereotype surrounding the elderly, as she doesn’t rely on anyone to do anything for her. Grace even started her own business with her bestie! Truly a great woman to follow.



Name: Shuri 

Origins: Wakanda, Black Panther

Shuri, the strong princess of Wakanda. She is strong and immensely intelligent, good luck getting past her. Shuri makes everyone around feel loved and special, whilst ensuring that she fights for her nation + keeps her loved ones safe. A complete badass, complete with witty one-liners as well as AMAZING outfits.



Name: Mulan

Origins: China

Honestly, I don’t think we need to say much about this absolute LEGEND. Protects her father? Check. Saves China? Check. Shang? Check. She can fight like no other, and literally saved an entire nation! What else could you ask from someone? Truly a girl worth fighting for ~


 Name: Elle Woods

Origins: Legally Blonde

Anyone need pink? She is every shade of pink and we LOVE it. From head to toe, she is a human Barbie doll, but this doesn’t mean she’s not HELLA intelligent. Don’t judge a book by its cover because you can be stylish and a lawyer.



Name: Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn)

Origins: DC Comics, Suicide Squad, Birds Of Prey 

Now broken off from the Joker, and free to do as she pleases - nothing can stop this cannon. She doesn’t tolerate anything so watch out haters (she’s been known to break legs and tattoo faces). Harley fights in the most dazzling way and is also quite book smart (don’t forget that she used to be a psychiatrist!) From her iconic pigtails, to her baseball bat - nothing is stopping this woman anytime soon.