6 Reasons Why Cats Are Hidden Gems

6 Reasons Why Cats Are Hidden Gems

6 Reasons Why Cats Are Hidden Gems

It’s Hug Your Cat Day today! And if you can engage in an embrace without suffering the consequences, I commend you because this copywriter loves her kitty cat but he does NOT love hugs. Only kisses and treats for him. But hey, everyone has different love languages and we must respect those. Cats, in general, don’t get the hype they deserve so here we are to tell you about these amazingly adorable little aliens. 

Super Playful!

Now, of course this depends on the personality of the cat, but contrary to popular belief cats DO NOT just sleep all day. They get the zoomies (random urge to play and start running around the house) and cats will play with anything you give them. Straws, paper bags, boxes - whatever they’re feeling.


Cats won’t sit when you tell them to but that doesn’t mean they didn’t understand you. They’re just ignoring it, which can imply that they are definitely quite stubborn and have highly developed cognitive skills. Their brain sizes may be smaller than dogs, but their overall structure of the brain is actually closer to ours! Think about that next time you talk with a cat. Cats can also follow gestures, don’t fall for disappearing acts, hold grudges and have a concept of time (goodbye alarms!). 

Easy To Look After

These precious little creatures don’t need to have walks EVER, so after a long day at work you can just crash and cuddle at home. Cats are almost always litter box trained from even before they’re adopted, groom themselves and many of them only ever stay indoors. So all you have to do is love them and be their adorable butlers. 

Cute Exterminators

Need those pesky bugs eliminated? Catto is here to save the day. They are relentless in hunting whatever DOES NOT belong in this homely abode. It’s easy to sometimes forget that these fluffy and chubby animals are natural born predators. So let them do their thing while you prep their dinner, we love teamwork. 

Great Besties

It’s DEFS a huge myth in our society that cats aren’t loving or compassionate, they just show it in more subtle ways. Cats hate sitting alone, especially when their human is home, they will cuddle next to you either in silence or while telling you about their busy day. The best moments are when they choose to sit in your lap while you scroll through YouTube - you’ll just feel so special and super warm. They are truly the bestest friends you could have. 


Remember Puss In Boots? Big, adorable eyes to trick the masses? Cats are SO cute, with their tiny paws, whiskers, big eyes, chubbiness and fluffy tails. Together with their feisty personalities - how could you not think they are the cutest?? Totally unbiased 👀