Adulting 101: A Guide To Moving Out

Adulting 101: A Guide To Moving Out

Adulting 101: A Guide To Moving Out

So you're thinking of moving out right? Or you’ve just moved out and have come to the realisation that you don’t really know what you’re doing. Worry not, a few of us here at HMHQ have been there and have amassed a wealth of knowledge about all things moving out and, well, being an adult. This is a mix of everything we wish we knew before moving out and everything we've learnt since. 


Budgeting is everything

The days of spending $18 on one cocktail is over. After all, you’ve got rent and utilities to to pay for now. Granted, budgeting doesn’t seem very luxe but learning to ball on a budget is an valuable lesson and a key part of adulthood. I’ve found that the easiest way to save mullah is to have separate bank accounts dedicated to different things. For example, having different accounts for the rent, groceries, your phone bill and general spending money. This makes everything easier to track and it should help you get your priorities in order. 


Pay your rent

This is a no brainer because ~duh!!! of course you have to pay rent~ so I won’t harp on about it but I will say this: rent is important. You have to pay it and you have to pay it on time. All. The. Time. Your landlord might forgive you for paying the rent a few days late but they’re not going to let it slide if it happens regularly. Also on the topic of paying things regularly, make sure you stay on top of your bills! As someone who had her network cancelled because I forgot to pay my phone bill and had to make the super embarrassing call to my cell provider and explain how I forgot to pay my bill I can’t stress how important it is to make pay for things on time. If it helps, set up a regular deposit so you don’t have to do it manually.


Independence can suck... a lot.

For most of us, having our own place isn’t all parties and sleepovers and it can suck not having your parents’ cooking and having to pay for stuff yourself, but being independent is a part of life and it’ll help you grow into a fully functioning adult. 


Be nice to your neighbours

Neighbours can make or break your living situation. You can either have amazing neighbours who make life easy or you can have the worst neighbours of all time (read: neighbours who find joy in killing your vibe). We’re not saying you have to be BFFs with them but it’s always a good idea to be nice to people who you’ll see regularly.