Best 6 Shows To Binge Right Now

Best 6 Shows To Binge Right Now

Best 6 Shows To Binge Right Now

Lockdown or not, everyone needs a good show to binge. So whether you want to laugh, cry or become completely invested in fictional lives - check out our favourite 6 shows! All of which are available on Netflix.


Where art thou handsome stallion? Definitely not too far in this show, a duke and a lady, who must get married soon, concoct a plan to fool the land. Except, one problem, this fake relationship doesn't remain fake for too long. Fall in love with the classic aesthetics of this show and we’re sure that’s all you’re watching this for right?  👀


Speak of the devil… literally. As one does, Lucifer gets hella bored of his old fiery home, decides to bless the city of LA and then joins Detective Chloe Decker (who only shares a LITTLE bit of chemistry with the Devil) to solve crimes. And if you think that’s fun enough, you’re in for a ride. Meet his fam, his best demon buddy, and his absolutely brilliant British accent as well as his immaculate suits - you’ll be hooked before you know it.


Gossip Girl’s Dan really became busy after all of his previous adventures, because now he’s stalking girls in LA. Yeah. This is a riot to watch though, so many twists and turns - you won’t be getting off your seat for a long while.

Grace And Frankie


An amazing comedy about two unlikely individuals who become besties while going through the challenges of becoming older. You will be laughing with them, crying with them and thinking about your future too. And all of this started because Grace And Frankie’s husbands divorced them to marry each other. Some things are just meant to be.

The Good Place

So, you arrived in Heaven -  what’s there to worry about? How about the world, why the world exists, why are we here? Philosophy with a lot of comedy, executed perfectly because of the wonderful cast. And don’t worry, there are heaps of twists and turns + it’ll make you cry and laugh like no tomorrow. A great feel good binge.

Never Have I Ever

Devi, a young high schooler, embarks on an adventure to have her first time but when you’re an awkward teen - it’s a bit more difficult. Come and meet her awkward friends, her crush, and her amazingly very proud Indian family. Laugh in every episode, because it is ACTUALLY that hilarious. Oh yeah, and did we mention it’s created by Mindy Kaling?