Crop The Worries: How To Style A Crop Top

Crop The Worries: How To Style A Crop Top

Crop The Worries: How To Style A Crop Top

Crop tops are an essential piece that every trendy babe NEEDS to have in their wardrobe. Especially in the summer and springtime ‘cause it’s the best way to enjoy the heat while not overheating. Let’s keep the hotness on the outside girl! Crop tops are an amazing choice for your girls day out with bottomless mimosas and for the mandatory weekend club nights. So basically, what we’re saying is that - you need these tops in your life ASAP. 
These tops are HIGH in demand in the high fashion world and at your at-home runaway. Why? Easy, ‘cause they are super versatile and add a pop of fun to any ‘fit. Crop tops are sought after by many fashionistas as they make anyone look stylish and cool without having to spend an intense amount of time stressing about how the overall look will turn out + they are quite comfy to wear. Win-win! 
So if you’re starting your journey with the wondrous world of crops, or if you need some new inspo - be sure to have a read of this lit guide that’ll show you EVERYTHING you’ll need to know about them. 

Things To Consider

The first step to choosing the best of the best is to do your research! And we know that sometimes those google searches spiral into an hour of looping through the same info without actually learning all too much - so, we’ve made it easier for you. Have a quick read of these pointers and make sure your ‘fits are as lit as you. 


Which aesthetic are you into girl? Are you more on the edgier side - rocking a monochrome look that has a sexy touch? Or are you more into being the signature soft girl and slaying the softest of pastels? Regardless of which look you’re into, we have some tips on how to choose your first crop;
  • Start off with basic colours (white, grey, black, nude) as these can go with any of your outfits and help you create NUMEROUS looks
  • Black & white crops are a must-have as they can be used for layering, and are PERF for those killer monochrome looks
  • Experiment with bright colours and Y2K vibes and use these crops as signature pieces for an amazing outfit that shows off how fun you are inside and out girl!


Of course, the thing something is built from makes a BIG difference. Like you, you’re made of spice and everything nice, and you’re the hottest girl around! So, to make sure that your crop is on the same hot girl vibe as you make sure to choose good materials. If you want more of a soft & airy feel that gives off a sophisticated vibe try out 100% satin or silk ‘cause you’re part of that luxe life. Or if you want something comfier tryout cotton and linen which will retain shape whilst also looking amazing!! 

 Size And Fit

If the shoe doesn’t fit - DON’T GET IT. A well-fitting crop is SO important to create a cohesive and amazing outfit. If the crop is too tight or too loose - we can guarantee that the ‘fit won’t be as FAB as you (unless you were doing it on purpose of course). Remember to always check the size chart and get out that measuring tape - it’s there for a reason so use it girl! You know what looks good on your body so follow your instincts and your measuring tape. 

Different Crop Top Styles

Just like every other piece of clothing, there are MANY choices so which one is for you? Want something fancier? Try out ruffle sleeves crop, off the shoulder crops, long sleeve crops or cold shoulder crops ‘cause statements should be made. If you’re into more chill vibes try out sleeveless crops, half sleeves crops, graphic print crops and soft fabrics. Need more pointers? No fear! Read the many aesthetics and tips below ☺️

Workout Ready And Sporty

Need to get ready for that workout sess with your girlfriends and also go to brunch straight after? Then a crop is your BFF ‘cause it will help you transition with ease and comfort. Chill vibes are your calling so try;
  • Pairing your loose crop with well-fitted leggings and a pair of your fave sneakers
  • Grabbing a tight fitted crop with biker shorts to attain that FAB Insta girl look

Classy And Formal

Goodbye, boring shirt & trouser look, and time to add some fun vibes to your entire grind! Crop tops can DEFS be a big part of your formal attire. 
  • Pair a tailored crop with suit pants, loafers and an elegant gold chain necklace. 
  • To amp up your aesthetic even further layer up with a chic blazer and a pair of cute AF heels 

Street Style

Edge it up and show up to every event with oozing confidence. We love to see you feeling yourself 24/7 especially with these killer monochrome and signature fits.
  • Pair a corset top with leather pants and a printed shoulder bag
  • Don’t shy away from accessories so be sure to layer with silver chains and black knee-high boots


Oops, we did it again - we played with your heart and made you realise just how cute and essential crops are! Especially for the trend that has taken over the internet and the world - Y2K. So gear up and blast the Rhianna tracks ‘cause it’s time to slay!
  • Pair your printed crop with a low rise pair of jeans with 90s style sneakers
  • Try a baby tee pair with a midi printed skirt with boots