Express Yourself In The Cold

Express Yourself In The Cold

Express Yourself In The Cold

The colder seasons come every year at the same time, but every time we’re somehow STILL blindsided - but don't worry we got you. While you’re waiting for your new pieces to arrive, let’s create bomb AF outfits with the pieces you already have. 

Cami-tops and corsets

Be Fearless Crop Top

These pieces were the bread and butter of this season. With the beautiful variations, why would you want to stop wearing them just because it’s a bit colder now? Try layering a contrast colour turtleneck under the cami-top/corset, so if the cami top is black wear a white or cream turtleneck. We still want everyone to see the beautiful tops you curated over the summer. For another option, why not layer your fave leather jacket or blazer over it? We know you all have one in your wardrobes. So use what you got!

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses were also a massive trend this season, with those beautiful animal prints and silk textures - you can NOT stop wearing them! To make them transition into the colder seasons, try wearing a white button-up shirt underneath to continue with that classy vibe. To make your legs warmer, wear tights (they’ll be your bestie in the cold).


Everyone has jeans, so why not use them to make you even warmer? If it’s super cold where you live, layer some tights underneath and none will be the wiser. Another great way to make you warmer without ruining your unique aesthetic is to wear some knee-high boots over those skinny jeans - you’ll be the cutest one in jeans!


Jumpsuits are a godsend and they can become your best lazy outfit with just a few adjustments! As these already have long pants, just layer a turtleneck underneath or put on your fave cropped jacket on top. Also remember to wear a belt, to accentuate your waist and show off those beautiful curves which can become easily lost due to all of the layers. 


Gold chains, drop earrings, silver chains - all of these can be used to create a more autumn-y aesthetic for your looks. Remember to accessorise every outfit you have with either statement earrings, an eye-catching necklace or a bold lip because while we love being warm - sometimes you’ll lose definition and shape with all of the layers. So some sparkly diamonds can make or break your outfit.