Fashion Head-to-Head: Autumn v Spring

Fashion Head-to-Head: Autumn v Spring

Fashion Head-to-Head: Autumn v Spring

We love all the seasons but, like everyone else, we secretly have our favourites. Gals from all over the globe love Hello Molly even though we’re always in different seasons so we thought, “why not put the seasons against each other?”. What season has better fashion - Autumn or Spring?


(aka that semi-awkward time between Summer and Winter)
NGL, transitioning from Summer to Autumn has been pretty hard. It’s suddenly cold. Daylight savings is over so it’s dark AF at 6pm and the house party rate is going down by the second because people prefer to stay bae’d up indoors rather than getting lit every second day. That being said, Autumn has its positives. Autumn fashion is everything - teddy jackets are always in stock (or not, if you wait too long), there are more red/orange/brown hues and you get creative with layering (a turtleneck top over a silky slip = heaven!). Autumn’s also great because everything feels cosier, you know what I mean? You snuggle a lot more, wear heaps of layers and eat a lot of wholesome food. You’re probably tired of our Autumn ramblings so here some #looks we’ll be recreating this season.

Shop our Geldof Coat here.

Shop the Sit Tight Dress here.

Shop the Got The Green Light Jumpsuit here and the Toby Knit here.

Shop the Stars Come Out Top here and the Punk Princess Pants here.

Shop the Move With Confidence Crop Top here and the Grown Woman Pants here.


(soon-to-be Summer)
Sun, surf, skin and saltwater. It’s the season of letting loose, showing some skin and experimenting with different outfits. The parties are lit, everyone seems to constantly be in a good mood and you’re not really stressing about anything major. It’s like all your problems disappear in Summer. Stressed about uni? Not anymore. Just had a bad break up? All the Spring events will keep you occupied. All your friends are busy with work? It’s the season of socialising! If Spring/Summer had a soundtrack it would be Hoku’s Perfect Day (see the Legally Blonde intro so you know what I’m talking about). Here’s how our influencers are dressing up this season.

Shop the Hit Replay Top here, Aisle Seat Bandana here and Top Notch Jeans here.

Shop the Deeper Conversations Dress here.

Shop the Unsung Hero Dress here.

Shop the Melt My Heart To Stone Dress here.

Shop the Wish You The Best Maxi Dress here.