Fashion Trends to embrace this 2020

Fashion Trends to embrace this 2020

Fashion Trends to embrace this 2020

Well it's official my dears. We bid farewell to a fashion 2019 and the many trends that graced the runways, streetside and our wardrobes. We make way for 2020 (wow that has a nice ring to it!), and the unusually eye-popping and OTT feminine must-haves of this double decade. 

There's no better time to purge the closet and reinvent your style this New Year. Here's our top styles to embrace for the year 2020, and our "felt cute, might delete later" trends we say a fond farewell to. 

Say Hello To-

The Disco Collar


Babe, the disco ain't dead girls! The wide collar was a definite statement on the 2019-2020 runways. Reinvented on coats, oversized jackets, button-downs and more. Disco collars against new, contrasting colours? Even better! 

The look is most eye-opening in sleek jacket form- So chic and effortless! 


High Shine Sequins


Our top leading designers styled sparkling sequins, metallics and glitter on more streamline and uncomplicated silhouettes. This creates elegant and understated yet bold looks, allowing an effortless way for fashionistas like yourself to do some impactful and unfussy high-shine evening wear. Think of minimalistic, yet bold! 

Shine bright like a diamond below! -



Puffy Sleeves

We've upped the ante on sculptural ruffles and poofy looks! Puffy sleeves in brightned bold shades or incredibly playful prints add much needed pizazz to an otherwise minimalist top and bottom ensemble. The 80s aren't dead!!

Puff em' up wuth these Hello Molly loves!




Bigger Bolder Florals


Spring through summer, florals are back: Bigger and bolder than before. Dramatic prints paired with voluminous details and sleeker silhouettes, you name it. Florals this 2020, are limitless- The brighter the better.

Feed your feminine flair with these eye-popping florals!



Reinvented Classics

Off-beat charm, or rotational and everyday separates with a dash of unique subversion i.e. a blazer over a shirt and khakis, oversized silhouettes, and off-set side drawstrings. Designers empahsised mismatched styling; repurposing the classic polo shirt with patchwork details and ties, later paired with fluffy tulle skirts. Traditional polo dresses were also stylised with sheer trimmings and bedazzled opera gloves. 



Dresses with tassels and fringed bottoms are back in full-force. Glittery metallics and braided cord trimming beneath tailored blaxers, fringed skirt belts and of course, fringed dresses were a popular choice on the runway. Whether it was a form-fitting silhouette by Zimmermann to something a little more free-style by Area, every fringed look was exuded undeniably luxurious and individuality. 


Edgy Suits

Boring bardroom suits, not so much.

Top trending designer brands like MuglerDion Lee and ProenzaSchouler were giving a more risquè and sassy spin to 2019's more traditionally tailored suiting. This included adding embellishments in unusual places. This included infusing OTT lingerie trimmings underneath blazers, adding sheer overlay shells to sleeves, and off setting cut-outs to corset bodice finishing!



Say Goodbye To-

Transparent Handbags

Transparent handbags were almost as impractical as the mini bag. See-through bags unfortunately missed the mark as a 'statement clutch'.

Have you seen the void that is a girl's handbag? Who has time to curate and organise the mess of lip glosses, hair bands, loose change, hair ties and tissues? More importantly, why are you imposing a lack of privacy? 


Mini Sunglasses


We're bidding goodbye to mini glasses with OTT diamantes and unusually thin frames. What were dubbed the "cool girl" accessory and popularized by Kylie Jenner, are finally being put rest in their sunglasses case. This 2020, we're going bigger and better, turning to the bolder, more futuristic (and more practical) shield silhouette. No more squinting in the sun! 

Try these instead!



Chunky Sneakers

Good riddance to Instagram's ugly footwear fetish. No more seeing beautiful put-together outfits with ugly beat-up sneaks. Although the dad-style sneaker dominated the streetstyle scene, they have thankfully hit their expiration date and we can officially move on to the next flattering and feminine silhouette!!


Padded Headbands

Some loved the padded velveteen headbands, others loathed them. Spotted on Prada's Spring runway 2019, they made a luxurious and regal entrance on the grids of Instagram. As much as we all wanted to channel our inner Blair Waldorf, there's a limit on how far we want to go with our defining accessories. 

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