Find Euphoria With These Glam 'Fits

Find Euphoria With These Glam 'Fits

Find Euphoria With These Glam 'Fits

The drama, the characters, the emotions and most importantly - the looks! If you want to go to a Euphoria high school, we got the PERF fits for you girl! Starting 2022 with a bang (and a lot more), season 2 of Euphoria has taken over the internet and it is a very welcome thing. Be the coolest of the cool by adorning the iconic fits that every girl slays with! Be the coolest chick around with these cool girl inspired looks that you’ll be wearing to uni, brunch and EVERY meet-up to come! And don’t forget to finish off every look with an amazingly extra eye look - because if you’re not covered in jewels and glitter, what’s the point?
Find your favourite character below and start your fashion takeover!


Tomboy Chic
Do you live for pieces that bring absolute comfort and look like you put no effort in at all? Then you’re DEFS vibing with Rue’s style ‘cause let’s be real - she really does have more things to worry about ALL THE TIME. But since it’s Euphoria, she still is cute AF while fighting all of her demons. 


Risk, Risk, RISKS!
Are you the extra AF one of your friend group? Then you need to start taking even more fashion risks, standing out is an everyday thing for you. She is the epitome of the Euphoria High School TikTok, ‘cause sure the outfits she wears aren’t always school appropriate - but where’s the fun in following the rules? 


Be The Whole Rainbow
Fun is your first, middle and last name. So you need to inject a bit of colour into your wardrobe ASAP. Signature pieces and stand-out fits are the game here, so it’s time to switch up the norm and have the time of your life! 


The Hottest Girl Next Door
Whether you slay in mom jeans or in the tightest bodycon around - hotness is the vibe you exude on the daily. Change up the hot vibes by making the entire look more retro and full of pastel hues. 


Leather Queen
Get the leather, ‘cause it’s time to show everyone who's a Boss B! Change your style completely like Kat in season 1 and embrace every curve + everything that makes you feel sexy AF. Be the baddie of your dreams.