How To Be #facegoals with @emmachenartistry

How To Be #facegoals with @emmachenartistry

How To Be #facegoals with @emmachenartistry

Let's face it, we all dream of the day when our photo makes it to a makeup Inspo account on Insta. For those not.gifted in the art of makeup and are unsure of what to do most of the time (aka me), stumbling across a makeup account that's filled with cute and colourful looks is one of my favourite things.Emma (@emmachenartistry) is that makeup account you stumble across and spend hours scrolling their feed, taking multiple screenshots of looks you love and wondering how you're just coming across their account now. We recently worked with Emma on our shoot in Byron (all the hair + makeup looks were perf, if we do say so ourselves) and got to ask her a few Q's about trends she loves, ones she wants to leave and the worst makeup tips she's ever received.


What does your beauty routine consist of? 

My personal routine is super simple. The older I've gotten, the less makeup I tend to wear. I suffer from problematic skin so during the week while I'm at work I make sure I always wear an SPF followed by the Jane Iredale Pressed Powder all over. I always draw my brows on before leaving the house no matter what with Booki Brow. 


What’s your secret to achieving a flawless makeup look? 

SKIN CARE! Prepping the skin is key. If your skin is glowing and hydrated your foundation will apply more evenly and I find you usually don’y require as much product on the skin either.


What beauty trend from the 80’s, 90’s or 00's would you bring back? 

90’s all the way baby.


What beauty trend do you never want to see again?  

Thin eyebrows.


Would you rather leave the house without doing your eyebrows or without foundation? 

Without foundation for sure.

What’s the best makeup tip you’ve ever been given? 

Less is more.


What’s the worst makeup tip you’ve ever been given? 

That lip liner should be a shade darker than your lipstick.


What’s the newest addition to your make up bag? 

Ole Henriksen's Banana Bright Eye Cream & NARS liquid blush in Orgasm & Laguna.


What or who inspires the looks you create? 

I obsess over makeup artists James Molloy & Nikki Makeup and I look to their Instagrams for daily inspo.


What’s your favourite makeup look to create and why?

Any makeup using burnt oranges or getting to play with colour.

What’s the most common makeup mistake you see all over Instagram?  

People feeling like they have to add liquid liner to every makeup look in order to get it to look glam.


What do you predict to be the next big makeup trend? 

Incorporating a pop of colour into your eye makeup & faux freckles.

Love it or leave it:
Bushy brows LOVE ALWAYS
Over the top highlighter LEAVE
Glittery eyeshadow LOVE
Metallic lipstick LEAVE


Want more of Emma? Follow her on the 'gram and her website.