Love Island Australia: Week 2 Recap

Love Island Australia: Week 2 Recap

Love Island Australia: Week 2 Recap

A lot has transpired since we last blogged.

Let’s discuss:

Charlie was the first to go. No real shocker here, tbh. Millie was given the choice to save Charlie or Justin (#modelbae) and she chose the latter, much to Charlie’s surprise because I think he low-key thought he had it in the bag since he went on a date or two with her in the real world. Alas, it was not meant to be and Charlie caught a one-way flight back to ‘Straya.

There’s literally no two ways about it.
Even though Grant told Cassidy he wanted to be with her and convinced her she was the only one he was keen on a few days ago… he snaked her and excitedly recouped with Tayla. Not only did they recouple but he sat next to Cassidy and had the nerve to put his arm over Tayla’s leg AND HOOK UP WITH TAYLA THAT VERY NIGHT. He didn’t even give Cassidy time to mourn their week long relationship. To add insult to injury, they did a kissing challenge and not wanting to make anything awkward, Cass didn’t kiss Mr Crapp but he described the “kiss” as “been there, done that” aka the most savage thing you can say to a girl whose heart you’ve just stomped on no less than 48 hours ago. Grant isn’t the only bad guy here, Tayla ended up in everyone’s bad books because she gave Grant (and us) the impression she was actually into Josh but she pulled the rug out from under him moments before the recoupling ceremony. As Josh said, it’s fine that they wanted to get together but there’s a RIGHT way to go about things.


Cassidy and Elias recoupled and they’ve turned into best buds.

Josh recoupled with Natasha and they actually make the cutest couple! Turns out Josh isn’t so bad after all and the way he handled   the whole Tayla-Grant situation was v admirable. Kudos to you, Josh. 

Side note: Kudos to Cassidy as well. Had that been me… I would’ve turned everyone against Grant and Tayla so quick.

Kim and John-James had a bit of a thing for a few hours but that fizzled out and she got voted off the show for being so boring.

Millie & Justin are still coupled together and she had her eyes on John-James for a bit but decided he was too boring… You read that correctly. Millie, the most boring girl on the show and a contender for the most boring person in the villa, was complaining about someone else being boring. #NoSelfAwareness

There’s a new girl named François (pronounced: Franz-was) and she’s got her eye on Elias but so does Millie and the battle was on until Elias chose Millie. 

A new guy named Jaxon entered the villa and he looks EXACTLY Charlie Hunnam and he’s got that bad boy persona down pat. He’s taken top spot for the best looking guy in the villa (sry Justin). He also has a Sons of Anarchy tattoo which he claims he got paid 25k to get... We're a little sus on the story but it makes for great TV. 



John James was missing his DJ decks so much he gave himself the boot and eliminated himself off the island. Will he reunite with Kim in the real world? Doubt it