Most Iconic Doggos From Pop Culture

Most Iconic Doggos From Pop Culture

Most Iconic Doggos From Pop Culture


 A true family dog, he is there to listen to everyone’s issues and help out. No, he doesn’t speak (not that kind of dog) but sometimes you don’t need speech to understand a cutie. He goes through his fair amount of obstacles, but with the help of his family and his smart wits - he never loses. 


He may be small but he has the power to save the world! Okay, kind of. Alright, he doesn’t but don’t let him know. Bolt has spent his whole life acting as a superhero dog, so when he realised that his role wasn’t real… He had some soul searching to do. But not to fear with the help of his friends, he begins to see that you don’t need supernatural powers to protect your loved ones. 


 No one else left in this world except zombie-like creatures? No fear! Samantha the adorably loyal and strong German Shepherd from I Am Legend is here. She hates vegetables but loves her human, and helps him survive throughout the entire film. And yes, we are ignoring THAT part in the movie 🙂

Scooby Doo

Scooby dooby dooby doo, where are you? We’re going to find a cutie patootie. One of the most iconic dogs of the small and big screens. He’s the bestest of buds with Shaggy and Mystery Incorporated, has an intense love for any and all food, and of course is a crime solver. Sure, he’s a tad cowardly sometimes but he pulls through when it counts. 

Red Dog

A true Aussie legend who was a REAL good boy! With the iconic red fur and cute face - no one can forget this cutie. He was the town’s special boy, and he also loved his human - John. Who sadly passed away in an accident, so Red Dog waited for him to come back… but he never did. The ultimate good boy. Please bring numerous boxes of tissues, trust us you’ll need them. 


Marley is the poster boy for a ‘tad energetic’. Sure he’s a bit more lively than his peers, but what’s the problem with that? The film shows his many activities, and you will be laughing at every one of them. Such a sweet little boy.