Spring Lookbook

Spring Lookbook

Spring Lookbook

The flowers have bloomed, the gardens are full, birds are singing the most they have all year - so it’s time for you to flaunt all you got! Adorn the cutest pastels, the loveliest of florals and a variety of lengths and cuts. We really do have it all at Hello Molly girl! Take a scroll through our spring lookbook and have a look at which one you fancy!

Floral Masterpieces

Florals are a spring necessity and a timeless print that you can adorn for seasons to come! A great way to welcome in the new season - you’ll be looking as fresh as the roses that have just bloomed.
Groovy And Bold Florals
Retro Callback Floral Dress
Flowy Delicate Floral Midi

Pastel Cuties

Slay these subdued hues. Don’t be fooled by the soft colours though, because we’re sure you’ll be making a bold statement with these pieces wherever you go.
Slay This Lilac Mini
Twirl With These Baby Blue Hues
Tie-Dye FTW

Lovely Whites

Shine in these clean and delicate silhouettes. This is the perfect time to adorn the lightest of the tones.
Who Says Midi Aren't Fun?
Soft Girl Vibes
Shine All Night In White

Extra Sprinkles

Every fit needs a bit of oomph and the perfect way to do that is to add an accessory. Decide if you want a hair claw or a gold necklace - or both, the end result’s up to you girl! 
Chains For Days!
Flowers In Your Hair
Stack It Up!