Our styles have always been on point but there’s something about our newest arrivals and the arrivals to come that makes us want to break the bank and add everything to our cart. There’s so much new and lots to love we don’t know what to focus on, so we thought we’d ask our Social Media Assistant and resident bad gal, Danyel, to choose some of her favourite styles and give us insight into what she’ll be wearing all season long.



When she’s not scouting for sweet snaps for our Insta (@hellomolly, if you aren’t following already), Danyel can be found poolside or bronzing up at the beach.


“You can’t go wrong with a minimal one piece! You can wear it as swimwear or as a bodysuit by pairing it with some denim shorts. Tie up and wrap styles are on trend at the moment and you can see them all over Insta and floaty floral prints aren’t too far behind. This Spring, Summer and all the seasons in between, it’s going to be all about sun soaking styles that you can wear while you’re lounging or living it up.”


NOOKIE Paradise Full Piece in mocha and dusty pink  

Beyond Blue Playsuit 

Take Me Anywhere Playsuit

Greenwich Dress 



There’s something about the colour pink that just screams femme and there are a dozen reasons why it’s our fave colour here at HMHQ.

“We’ve got so many different shades of pink from soft peony tones to darker, almost red, rose tones so there’s a shade of pink for everyone! I’m super into textures at the moment and I can’t get enough of ribbed fabric and layered sheer pieces and latex is my latest love.”

We Found Wonderland Dress 

No Sleep Top 

Barbie And Ken Top and Skirt 

Raise Your Voice Dress 



What’s your favourite way to wear denim?

“Denim’s one of those things that never goes out of style because it looks amazing when it’s new but it’s when it’s distressed and worn in that it really showcases its magic. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”


Little White Lies Dress

World Of Love Skirt  

No More Excuses Skirt