Statement Earrings That Instantly Update Your Look

Statement Earrings That Instantly Update Your Look

Statement Earrings That Instantly Update Your Look

Statement earrings. We adore them.

They're fun, they're funky and can transform everyday attire in seconds. In our opinion, statement earrings are the most accessible type of accessory to coordinate, so here's our list of our top fave examples that are bound to raise a 5/10 outfit to an 11!


Fringe and Tassel Earrings

Tassel and fringe earrings are a beloved accessory essential that never fail to add vibrancy, structure and a textural element to an off-duty edit. Usually coming in textile finishes like faux leather, satin or cord, tassel earrings can frame your facial structure, soften sharply cut jawlines, and complement bold monochromatic prints. 

How To Wear Them

If you're a little daring, coordinate a chic blazer and pantsuit combo in a subdued palette and liven your attire with a pair of brightly coloured tassel earrings. Or, if you're more of a boho-queen, find tassel or fringe earrings that look similar to the fabrications of your ensemble.



Architectural earrings 

Stacked designs, exceptional finishes and mixed fabrications are growing in popularity in this day and age. Featuring 'chunky' forms, the earrings come in a variety of fabrications from metallics, textiles, woven jute, and boast a multitude of palettes.

How to wear them

Architectural earrings are the perfect way to add a bold contrast of colour and creating a lovely ‘structured’ balance to casual pieces. Going for colour-blocked attire? Find a pair of stacked earrings or geometrical and abrupt finishes to modernise a casual shirt and jeans edit. 

Graphic Earrings

Graphic earrings are considered the most charismatic accessory trend to date. From funky lines in bright golds, oversized organic forms in precious metals to a mismatching pair, graphic statement earrings have immense power to make someone stop and stare. 

How to wear them

When it comes to adding drama to your selection of fitted bodycon dresses and funky and feminine playsuits, the graphic style packs a punch in all the right ways. Wear your hair loose and ocean-swept and don't forget your favourite sunglasses to finish off.  





Chandelier Earrings

The more dangly the earrings the better. Instant glamour starts with the chandelier earring. Coming in a range of metallic constructions and often decorated with crystal insets, chandelier earrings can range from ritzy-looking or suit a more boho-aesthetic depending on the amount of 'strings', pendants and attachments. 

How to wear them

Because of their length, chandelier earrings are also a great accessory choice if you want to emphasise your facial structure, as well as matchingyour attire. Thus, only specific lengths may suit a facial structure. For example, if you possess a square face, find a chandelier earring that elongates the face and drops below the jawline. Those with a round face, make sure the chandelier earrings are slim and reach the chin. 




Hoop Earrings 

It doesn't matter what size or if they're simple or crystal-encrusted, hoop earrings are a timeless accessory that transcend style. Mini hoops complement graphic tees to your smart-casual Sunday attire while colourful or textured hoops give you the opportunity to glamorise more understated attire. 

How to wear them 

Hoops are fantastic for drawing attention to your masterful contour and jawline. Wear your hoop earrings with your hair pulled back in a low ponytail or with a tousled middle parting.