Tilda Swinton's Most Groundbreaking Fashion Moments

Tilda Swinton's Most Groundbreaking Fashion Moments

Tilda Swinton's Most Groundbreaking Fashion Moments

When it comes to redefining the world of fashion, actress Tilda Swinton is a certified chameleon. A celeb-style shape-shifter, her talents to swing between the glamorous, androgynous and the ethereal is, as DAZED magazine eloquently puts it, "magnetic". 


Credit Image: From left to right - Chanel Cruise Event 2018, David Bowie Photoshoot Craig McDeab

She is beautiful, otherworldly and unorthodox, unable to fit into one specific category. Instead, she moves through the far-reaching spheres of the fashion scene with ease and perseverance, just like she would in acting. Her unique looks reflect a strong personality, making her stand out wherever she goes. For example, Tilda Swinton'sred-carpet moments are always iconic. Instead, she defies the glittery fashion conventions that are considered Vogue, opting for eye-opening minimalist ensembles that are just spectacular!


Image Credit:  Givernchy By Riccardo Tisci

Swinton has formed relationships with great visionaries and in turn, has become a performance artist, model, a cult figure and a leading fashion icon for many. She's also our birthday girl of the day! 

To celebrate, here are our favourite of Tilda Swinton's most groundbreaking (not defining, because that's NOT Swinton) style moments.


Red Carpet Look


Image Credit: From left to right - Berlin International Film Festival 2018, Schiaparelli haute coutur dress (Venice Film Festival), Paris Fashion Week 2016

Tilda Swinton could rock up in a burlap sack, and she'd still slat the red carpet. Whether it's a vivid pop of animal print, a glass embellished maxi dress or a tailored pantsuit combo, the actress never strays too far from her love for minimalist silhouettes. 




Image Credit: From left to right - Vera Wang, Haider Ackerman, Ann De Meule Meeter

Swinton's iconic looks and redefining views for fashion trends has cemented the actress as a figure-head for designer labels to showcase their more 'unconventional' and off-the-beaten-path looks. Whether she's modelling Vera Wang to Haider Ackermann, any photoshoot featuring Swinton is a literal surrealist's dream come to life. 




Image Credit: From left to right - David Bowie Photoshoot Craig McDeab, Another Magazine

If the title for androgyny and style went along the lines of 'Reigning Chameleon Queen' (for both talent and looks mind you), Tilda Swinton would win it with flying colours. From gender-defying Virginia Woolf protagonist to the ice-cold Snow Queen in The Chronicles of Narnia, Swinton's confidence exudes in every performance and red carpet she steps on. It's clear the actress is above any fashion convention of our time, or any time really. 


All White

Image Credit: Limits Of Control 2009 (Pinterest)

An all-white edit and a film about a futuristic cowboy? Sign us up! In the mystery flick The Limits Of Control (2009), director Jim Jarmusch opted to dress Tilda in an Inspector Gadgetesque all-white get-up, with a dash of Dolly Parton thrown into the mix. Tilda Swinton's look is, for lack of better words, STRIKING. She is one of the only women alive to pull off dead straight platinum blonde hair, pearly white skin, a cowboy hat, a flasher's coat with leopard print boots, and bloodred lipstick to top it off. 


Power Suits


Image Credit: From left to right - Train Wreck Premiere 2015, Haider Ackerman Suit

No one can wear a suit like Tilda Swinton. Eccentric suiting for premiere events may be the stuff of legends, but Swinton will go out of her way to adapt a runway look to suit her androgynous style.