What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your 2020 Style

What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your 2020 Style

What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your 2020 Style

Another year, another round of astrological predictions and killer fashion looks on the horizon. Are you a cool, calm and collected water sign, a no-nonsense and hardworking Taurus, or are you a fiery "Go Get 'em"

Read below and see what your horoscope has in (fashion) store for you this 2020!

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

We're predicting good fortune for you babe, especially in your career - this could be a promotion or a new job switch.

This 2020, "fall into line" by swiping right to stripes! Now is the time to step-up your understated wardrobe edit and take risks. Cater to your orderly nature but show off your trendy side with monochromatic pinstripes, nautical and structured boardwalk stripes to classic shirting stripes. We guarantee success!

Products Listed:

Keeping Time Jumpsuit Navy

Under The Boardwalk Dress White

Keep Me In Mind Midi Dress White

Java Dress Olive

Earn Your Stripes Dress White 


Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

Girl, you're the most eccentric of the zodiac signs, so why not translate your quirky love for OTT details and boho flair into your wardrobe?

This 2020, you'll be hitting the curb-side in Think: comfy, eye-catching pieces in blues, trending denim, and luxe metallic details designed to honour your air sign vibes! Find a mini dress with exotic ruffle trimmings or try pairing a utilitarian jumpsuit with a pop of red!

Products Listed:

Childhood Friends Dress Baby Blue

MOSSMAN Let’s Sail Away Top Powder Blue

Kick Up A Fuss Dress Washed Blue

Stars To Fall Midi Dress Blue

Billini Joey Belt Bag Cream Snake


Pisces: February 19 – March 20


Compared to your opposite sign Virgo, you consider yourself a dreamy girl with a passionate and empathetic heart. We admit, 2020 is going to be an emotional year for you. A shift in friendship groups, a tragedy in the family or unfortunate events will upset your sense of calm and well being.

Girl, counteract these negative vibes with a soothing wardrobe of deep teals and navy blues. Opt for flowy silhouettes in lush fabrics like satin and don't hesitate to layer on the ruching and ruffles. A frilled playsuit, an A-line midi skirt or soft printed co-ord is a must, anything to promote your watery-roots. 

Products Listed:

From Russia With Love Dress Teal

Rum Punch Tie Up Crop Teal

Keep Talking Sweet Set Navy

Granada Playsuit Navy

Blooming Lovely Set Navy


Aries: March 21 – April 19

Girl, the heavens have aligned cuz' your future is looking brighter than these mega hot colours!!

This 2020, it's time to let loose and live your life to the fullest ... well, in colour! Going out to a bottomless brunch of a girl's night out? Make sure to curate a wardrobe's worth of bright, neon hues to match your fiery and bubbly personality. Don't forget to find pieces with cheeky little cutouts! 

Products Listed:

Favourite Things Dresses 


Taurus: April 20 – May 20


We admit, your 2020 will start rocky, but there's good news! Your purpose-driven and orderly vibe will ensure you remain financially stable and secure, as long as you avoid heedless whirlwind trips.

Feel refreshed and able to conquer any mishap by complementing your business-savvy self in sharply-cut co-ords and sleek silhouettes in neutral beiges and tans. To coordinate with your take-the-reins moment, you need an outfit for your next big meeting!

Products Listed:

Divine Sisters Jumpsuit Tan

Untold Stories Set Natural

Stick It Honey Set

Not A Mind Reader Set Beige

Keep Moving On Blazer Mocha


Gemini: May 21 – June 20

The Gemini prefers to make her OTT accessories and bling do the talking. But we do see you in one colour and trend this 2020, and that's exaggerated ruffles and citrusy yellows!

We also see a lot of friendships being formed for you babe, so you gotta have the right kind of outfit for a bottomless brunch or a girl's night out! As you love to pile on the accessories, yellow is an excellent and versatile shade that goes well with... anything! It's warm, vibrant and works fantastically with a selection of gold and silver jewellery. We advise sticking to block colours this year, make the yellow really stand out!

Products Listed:

Ravenna Dress Yellow

MOSSMAN Island Nights Dress Citrus

QUAY Icy Sunglasses Black Smoke

Holland Houses Dress Mustard

Sparkle Handbag Yellow

Initial Thoughts Necklace Gold


Cancer: June 21 – July 22


Girl, you are in for the chillest year of your life! Your love life's in order, you're expanding your social circles, you're already guaranteed a promotion in your career - so ride out that astrological high in style! 

This 2020, honour your tranquil ocean sign in moody navy blues and luxe finishes. Layer on those feminine ruffles, stay on the look out for reflective sparkly sequin maxis and enjoys shimmery satins in the calmest and deepest hues you can find- (and look glamorous while doing so!)

Products Listed: 

Inner Pride Playsuit Navy

Old Roman Towns Maxi Dress Navy

Twinkle In My Eye Maxi Dress Navy

Monaco Club Dress Navy

Soul Changing Midi Dress Navy


Leo: July 32 – August 22

Girl, we're predicting romance on the horizon and mega Boss Babe vibes coming from you this 2020. 

Your star sign style is all about finding that killer date night look. Time to layer on those reds, sensuous blacks and high heels! You're naturally bold and command the spotlight the moment you walk into the room, so your outfit should too! Update your edit with lush faux leather, layer on the houndstooth print to get you noticed, and look for funky details like ruffles or asymmetrical straps to add some flirtation into your look. 

Products Listed:

LIONESS The Glow Up Mini Skirt Black

Hey Baby Call Me Midi Dress Black

Serve The Song Crop Red

Blow Your Mind Midi Dress Metallic Black

Nothing But A Hound Dog Coat Black


Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Babe, it's 2020. No more Miss Sugary Sweet n' Shy. Time to put your 'effortlessly chic without trying too hard' vibes into good use and up the saturation on the pinks!!! 

This year, take your new and fresh 'I can do it' attitude and apply it into every challenge you face, including your wardrobe edit. Swap out the softer silhouettes and be brave and bold with your choice of top and bottoms. Don't hesitate to choose contrasting colour-blocking pieces. Alternatively, find hot pink, bright pink or fuchsia coloured dresses with ruched details and ruffles for a little 80s edge!

Products Listed:

Carry Your Smile Bodysuits

Baby Gotta Work Set Lilac

Lipstick Lovers Dress Pink

Lost On You Skirt Purple

With Love To Share Knit Crop White

Jasmin Purse Brown Croc


Libra: September 23 – October 22

Girl, your social calendar and your love life is on fire!! Time to curate a wardrobe's worth of super glam and feminine pieces in flirty purples and energetic fits that match your air sign!

In general, this year is pretty light-hearted and pleasant, especially in the social and romantic department. So let's get you date-night ready, shall we? As far as what you should wear, definitely something with an open back, luxe lace trimming or a cheeky thigh slit. These are great choices that convey how open you are to love and life. Opt of pale purples like lilacs or lavenders instead of deep purples for a soft and femme appeal.

Products Listed:

Why Sit And Wait Dress Lavender

Two Reflections Midi Dress Purple

Be That As It May Dress Purple

Put Your Hands On Me Dress Blush

Baby Gotta Work Crop + Bottom Lilac


Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Babe, this is Scorpio season! The sun is all up in your zodiac sign!! So, make this year all about you- feel confident and refreshed. Get sh*t done and kick-ass!

This year, dress to kill in fuchsia and the boldest floral and architectural prints you have in your wardrobe! Your intense personality allows you to infuse more vivid and louder patterns, meaning you can get away with layering this year's bolder floral trends like no tomorrow! You could also benefit from a co-ord in a contrasting stripe print when you're power dressing. 

Products Listed:

Zarita Midi Dress Fuchsia

MOSSMAN Make You Mine Dress White

No Flaws Here Dress Hot Pink

Finders Keepers Yasmine Dress Fuchsia

MOSSMAN Sunset Amor Set Stripe

Capital Letters Dress Pink


Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Girl, you're loud and proud as every confident Sagittarius should be! Sure, everyone is going to have a great year... but with your get em' attitude, you're going to make sure you have the BEST year ever!!

You're going to feel chill and carefree than usual- going out grocery shopping, having a brunch with the girls or a casual Sunday sesh at home. Complement that feel-good attitude in bright oranges or russet hues that exude maximum impact. No need to constrict yourself with the OTT details as you'll look fab wherever you go. A breezy matching set, a tie-up tee dress, an impactful ruche bodycon or printed midi is all you need! 

Products Listed:

Coming Back To You Dress Orange

Lost Boys Jumpsuit Rust

To Get Over You Dress Apricot

Moral Of The Story Playsuit Orange