Buh Bye Bank Balance and so long summer vacation! We hear the start of a new school semester, and our savings account steadily draining!


Girl, don't start the new semester without a solid game plan. The last thing you want is growing debt and living off instant cup noodles for the next few months.

Obtain our following set of skills, and make your 'back to school' experience a whole lot easier!

Here's how you can get started before the uni crunch!!!


Find The Right Job

Committing to a new job and balancing deadlines is admittedly tough. But to pay for your expenses and those college books, you've got to have a bit of spending money and a source of income at hand.

Find a flexible job that fits your uni schedule. There are plenty of casual roles that have the added benefit of submitting unavailabilities when you have upcoming exams or assignment due dates. Go to your local student organisation and ask if any on-campus positions are open to you.


Double Check If You Need The Text Books


Urgh, the dreaded textbooks. Can you afford to spend your hard-earned 100-200 dollars on a textbook you'll probably read once or twice?
If you're lucky, some subjets won't require them, and in reality, you're probably only going to need specific chapters through the semester. Here are some nifty tips on how you can avoid immediately coughing up the cash -

Share textbooks - if you have a close friend attending the same classes as you, split the cost and alternate the book between you. Plus, you've gained a study buddy!!! Borrow the books from your local library and photocopy the essential chapters you need.

Borrow books second hand - no need to buy the fully annotated collection of Jane Austen's works. Just borrow your mum's copies!


Change Your Social Habits


You need to do a rehaul on how you choose to spend your money. Budgeting your money can include phasing out overprice coffee and saying no to your mates when you don't have enough cash for a night out.

The late-night Ubers home, a big Maccas run  on the way and the flow of Vodkas and red bulls can do a serious number on your bank account. Opt for cheaper alternatives and accept the fact you can't say yes to everything. Use the extra time you have more productively by getting ahead of your assessments!!!


Stick To Budgeting


Ooh, sounds very adult, right? Meticulously keeping track of your spending habits is tiresome, but the sooner you make it into a habit, the easier it is to manage your money.

Write down in detail where your money is going throughout the week. You'll probably have a mini heart attack when you discover how much you spend on food. Try making up an excel sheet of your necessities, food, rent, travel, the occasional leisure activity. Factor in the things you'd like to save up for when you're at uni.

Ensure your paycheck lands directly into your account. Divide your pay, depending on how much you spend on specific necessities. Any leftover can be used for you! We strongly advise making up a savings account!!


Start a Meal Plan

Get into a habit of planning your meals. This includes making a weekly grocery trip to your local Coles or Woolworths, and purchasing meals that last you throughout the week. Factor in a few yummy snacks for early morning lectures, coffee for late nights and emergency hangover supplies!

Spend some time to master easy yet delicious recipes like pesto pasta, fish and chips etc. Create meals designed to tide you over for a day or two. You'll be able to feed yourself and save cash in the process.

Try not to spend too much on uber eats and takeaways as that eats up your savings!!!

Good Luck For Your Next Semester!!!