The exciting art of tye-dyeing has hit runways hard this year! From the 60s movement of free love and hippy culture to the summer craft projects of yesteryear, the tie-dye trend has since moved its way up the ranks to high-fashion status. 

Today, the tie-dye trend has cemented itself as the 'Hottest Spring/Summer trend of 2019', and it doesn't show any signs of stopping. Thanks to high-end designers from Prada, Proenza Schouler, Christian Dior and Stella McCartney, an eclectic mash of colour and silhouettes are gracing the catwalks and curbside at full force. 

Image Credit: Vogue


The tie-dye of today

As fashion critic von der Goltz astutely puts it, "tie-dye (historically) has a hippie, '70s flower power connotation... whereas the new spring tie-dyes are very modern,".

The tie-dye trend of today is an excellent balance of the punch yet classy, imbued with the colourfully animated aesthetic of the vintage tie-dye of yesteryears. The mismatched look of tan coloured harem pants paired with the neon tie-dye brights and the laidback stalwart for surfers, has been elevated to become something more refined and fashion-forward.

Image Credit: InStyle

What was exclusively tailored for a specific subculture, designers today have reinvented an trend and made it attainable for a broader audience. So, what's different?

- Tie-dye today has a strong focus on emphasising sartorial, femme elegance. 

- Brighter, polychromatic colours are complemented by sleek tailoring. 

- More extensive palette range, including neutral and more subdued tie-dye prints. 

- Distinct bright shades blended into modern, darker velvety tones. 

- A strong emphasis on juxtaposing styles - crisp and groovy, bohemian yet fitted, nostalgic but in the moment.


Still unsure how to rock this trend? Here are our top five styling tips for nailing tie-dye!

Team it with classic black or white

You can rock a polka dot print top with a striped bottom as long as you stick with a uniform colour palette. This is not the case with tie-dye. The right way to wear it is allowing the colour-stained piece to do the talking!  

Tie-dye works best when paired with matching solid colours, primarily black or white. Own a tie-dye crop top? Pair it with skinny black jeans or a ruffled mini skirt! Want your mini-skirt on show? Modernise your look with a slashed fitted crop-top in white.


Opt for a 'neutral print'

Not too keen on throwing on the psychedelics from your junior school days? No worries, girl! It's easy to look mature and sophisticated in a neutral-toned tie-dye print. If you wish to add elegance to your look, lay down the polychromatic shades and go for blacks, beiges and muted pinks instead. 


Style with classic pieces


Tie-dye is naturally attention-grabbing. Sharp tailoring and layering on more refined sartorial separates is a great way to avoid the hippy colour-clashing of the 60s. Throw on a slim-fitting blazer or modernise your look with rotational denim. Going for a more boho vibe? Turn to subtler accessories and let your day dress stay in the spotlight. 


Keep accessories low key

To avoid looking like a poor interpretation of a 90s fashion magazine, avoid bulking up on flashy accessories. Otherwise, your outfit may look a little costume-like! Pastel-tone clutches and shoes, along with simple gold-tone accessories, are excellent accessory choices. 


Layer up the outerwear


If you want to enliven a look, a tie-dye slip dress is all you need to make a statement. But, don't be afraid to layer like a playa. A tailored blazer or snazzy knit cardigan can look super chic for a night out! You can also effortlessly add classiness to tie-dye by throwing on some sophisticated high-heel pumps. 

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