Howdy folks, Bella and Maria here. Tariro has kindly passed on the baton and we're here to spill the tea. 

Round up the troops and get your popcorn ready babes. We just witnessed FINALE week and it was a shocker! 


 A couple was eliminated each day counting down to the finish line for the big 50k win! We're both on the same page when it comes to who we wanted to win. *cough cough* Grant and Tayla. 


To start the week off, Cory with a 'K' (Kory) was sent packing, but who didn't see that coming? 

 The Australian Public then had the power to vote who their favourite couple was between:

Grant + Tayla, Eden + Erin, Josh + Amelia, Dom + Shelby, Millie + Mark, and Mac + Teddy


Well... welll...well... didn't that cause a stir in the villa.



This saw Millie, Mark, Mac and Teddy in the bottom two, which meant the other couples had to decide who to send home. 

Eden and Erin, as suspected blew up in Grant and Tayla's face when they disagreed on who to send home and of course in the heat of the moment, Eden was poppin' them pecks again. After all this, no agreeement was made so Mac and Teddy announced they were happy with their experience as friends and chose to eliminate themselves. #humbleAF #friendzone



(Irish voice over guy transition)



Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the biggest liar of them all? 

Apparently Dom! 


- All the boys in the villa were tested with a lie detector under a series of juicy questions we've all been wanting to know. 

Does Eden find Millie hot? Did Dom go into Love Island to get a root? The answer is Yes. What a stitch up, right? 


Later that day, Millie and Mark were finally voted off and Erin couldn't take the smile off her face... considering she just found out her man had the hots for Millie earlier that day. #CYA 

F.Y.I From here on in, you can remove those sunnies cause Marks pearly whites ain't blinding us no more! 



*I got a textttttttt* 


- Couples going on dates, consisted of donkeys, sangrias, boats and dancing. 

Getting low key loved up before the last official night on Love Island.


It was no suprise when Shelby and Dom received the least amount of votes from the Australian public. The question still on everyone's mind though - Will Shelby be Dom's first girlfriend?! Nah....


* TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

 Love Island Finale has arrived and it took 6 weeks to get here.  

Sophie Monk kicked off the night with a bunch of randos, ex contestants and of course the final three couples.


- Before we found out who won, we took a look back at the contestants final day in the Villa.

They started their day awkwardly sitting in a row of day beds watching the sunrise at the crack of dawn, sippin on OJ. 

The couples then snagged up Skype calls with their loved ones and met each others families. *Let's take a moment to appreciate how hot Eden's mum is and the true blue aussie nature of Grant's parents.*

There were alot of tears shed and not long after we were watching the couples confess their love as if they were about to get married under a dollar store flower arch. #marriedatfirstsightspinoff

- We were pretty bored at this stage and underwhelmed by their 30 second speeches but we kept our eyes peeled for what was to come next. 

Josh and Amelia were then announced THIRD place which wasn't at all a suprise. We did however appreciate one last robot dance from Josh.



It quickly became serious when it came down to the final two being Eden + Erin and Grant + Tayla. If you didn't see this coming, did you even watch the show?! 

We then watched both couples highlights from the season which brought back alot of mems and lols. (We still miss you Cassie, just sayin') 

After 100 years, they finally announced the winners. 

 GRANT AND TAYLA! (WOOOO. As we hoped)

The look on Eden and Erins faces was histerical. Now watch them break up as soon as they step outside the villa. 


Sophie dropped a bombshell to the winning couple (which tbh wasn't even a bombshell). They were handed an envelope each and whoever picked the one with $50,000 in it had to decide between LOVE or MONEY. Tayla chose the pink envelop with the big bucks, which left her in a pretty easy position...

OBVIOUSLY, she chose LOVE. What a crappy ending! 

... and so they all lived happily ever after. Oh, except for Eden and Erin. 

That's a wrap for Love Island Season 1 babes. Thanks for reading till the end. We now get to have our lives back!

We'll defs keep our eyes peeled to see if these couples last the long hall.... or until next week.