Not into pink? Try peach, the new colour definition of perfect! 

We have yet another food-inspired colour trend to ease you into 2020 dressing—presenting peachy pink (Let the Call Me By Your Name refencers start in 3,2...). Soft yet sensual,  feminine, light but at the same time, unconventional, this perfect Pantone will undoubtedly have you looking like a million dollars from dusk until dawn!

Peach - 2019/2020's most popular pantone! 

Cooler than coral and neon pink, but warmer than true pink!

We have the industry to thank for this summer's must-have hue. With its softened yet warm tone, the peach shade is steadily growing to become a fast crowd favourite!

This shade is making its way into our wardrobes faster than we can count. Taking cues from its sweet baby sister 'pink', the colour peach is a mature option for the fashion-forward babe. When worn correctly, the hue is undeniably feminine and easy-on-the-eyes. When glammed up, the peach shade will also make a high impact statement. 

Compared to its brighter counterparts like neon pink and true pink, peach is a lovely transitional colour for girls who like to experiment with their look while still keeping within the realm of their feminine style.


Here's Our top fave in styles from influencers & in house!





Babe @iziangus wears our Fly Twice As High Midi Dress

Our muse @michaelaberdaga wears the Sweet Home Alabama Dress 


How to style the peach shade

- Style the shade from head to toe like our Hello Molly muses

- Pair with either monochromatic or paired-back accessories to make the colour really pop!

- Balance the shade's warmer tones with a dark plum lip colour or heels. 

- Try infusing cool greys instead of black and white for a softer finish. This is a great choice for fashionistas who are just starting out on the full-on peach shade

- Work the shade in mellow gradients or soft tie-dyes. 90s inspired aesthetics and reinvented vintage looks are always pleasing to the eye for a weekend bash!

- Accessorise with gold-tone accessories instead of silver. Peach complements the brightness of lush gold shades. 


The differences between peach, neon pink and coral



Unlike this year's perfect pantone, the the colour of yesteryear coral, is instantly eye eye-popping. This vibrant summery shade leans towards a more 'orange' or 'red' shade instead of pink. 

The coral hue is a 'statement' shade for the fab and fierece as opposed to the feminine peach hue. 



Think of your favourite pink highlighter shade but multiplied by ten! Hot pinks and neons are undeniably for the daring femme fatales in the world. A hot pink or neon shade is the Pantone to pick if you want to make the 'I'm here to slay and kick ass!' impression. 

Compared to the peach shade, neon pinks also take on a more 'true' pink shade and has a cooler tone. 

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