Us Aussies are a funny bunch. We've already written about the strangeness of Aussie slang, but we haven't gone into detail about the strange things we do. The world knows we love tossing a few shrimp on the barbie, enjoy a shoey from time to time and loooooove putting vegemite on everything including pizza, spaghetti and mashed potatoes *cringe*.

It gets weirder though... 






I can't justify this one, it's absolutely filthy... but it's a tradition Aussies partake in whenever something good happens. Win a grand prix like our mate Ricciardo? Shoey. Win a game of backyard cricket? Shoey. Your legend of a mate Stevo just gave you two tickets to Splendour? Shoey. What is a shoey, you ask? It's the act of drinking alcohol from a shoe. 


I told you we enjoy putting vegemite on everything...


'Goon of fortune'

Goon is a box wine that comes in a plastic bag, commonly referred to as a good sack, and is a staple at every 18-year-old's birthday. Young Aussie teens love clipping it to a clothesline and spinning it around. Whoever the bag lands closest to gets to take a swig. 

Walking around barefoot.

The only thing we like more than thongs (flip flops, for those not from our shores) is walking around barefoot. This is understandable and acceptable if you live near a beach or close to a pool but if you don't then you probably should put your shoes back on, mate.  



We're obsessed with big landmarks but we're not talking about the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty, we're talking about enlarged animals and food. We have The Big Banana (New South Wales), The Big Cheese (New South Wales) and The Big Mandarin (Queensland), to name a few. Granted, they're not as exciting as the pyramids of Giza or Stonehendge but they'r'e worth seeing and make your roadtrip that much more memorable. 

Ahh, Bunnings Warehouse. Home of power tools, gardening equipment and the best sausage sanga you'll ever have in your life. A trip to Bunnings isn't complete without a cheeky sausage sizzle and I know plenty of people who frequent their local Bunnings just for a grilled sandwich. Some Bunnings stores even have vegetarian/vegan options so everyone can dig in.